Terra Formars Asimov in French by Kazé Manga


Terra Formars Asimov comes to France thanks to Kazé Manga

The french editor Kazé Manga who already publish Terra Formars by Kenichi TACHIBANA and Yû SASUGA announce the publication of Terra Formars Asimov in France.

The first volume will be available on Mai 17th, 2017 and the second one will be for July 5th at Paris Japan Expo.

Earth, Russia. XXVIIth century. While the spaceship “Annex 1” is under construction awaiting his departure for Mars, the Commander Asimox is brought in front of the russian division’s director of U-Nasa. Indeed, a ferocious creature genetically enhanced by the mafia is leaving a trail of corpse behind it… Helped by his En effet, une féroce créature génétiquement modifiée par la mafia laisse des cadavres dans son sillage… Help by his escadron, Asimov will lead a merciless hunt to stop organized crime from spreading the M.O operation. A dangerous mission worthy of the one we call “the God of War”!
Terra Formars Asimov volume 1 by Kazé Manga

Terra Formars Asimov volume 1 on May 17th 2017

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Terra Formars Asimov volume 2 by Kazé Manga

Terra Formars Asimov volume 2 on July 5th 2017

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