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Ask Boichi Dr Stone

Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone

Today we have Boichi-sensei’s answers to a special Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone! It’s not one, not two, nor three but FIFTEEN questions that sensei answered, are you r...
Réponse Ask Boichi sur les Manga 7 Histoire

Ask Boichi about Manga 7 – Writing a story

Writing a story Hello Boichi-sensei, My question is regarding your stories. How can you make a good script on your manga? Many people are good artists but they don’t under...

Dr.Stone Boichi

[NEW] Dr. Stone – SciFi & Post-Apocalyptic series

Dr. Stone: Without any warning, Earth faces its greatest crisis ever! Dr. Stone is Boichi’s new title in collaboration with author Inagaki Riichirou (Eyeshield 21) in char...

Origin header

[NEW] Origin – New SciFi series

ORIGIN: Humanity VS Beyond Humanity Origin, Boichi’s new SciFi manga is finally announced! It will start in the 40th issue of Young Magazine by Kôdansha for a weekly relea...

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