Dr. Stone joins the english digital Shonen Jump’s lineup

Weekly and in English in Viz’s digital Shonen Jump

The Weekly Shonen Jump is Viz Media‘s digital english magazine based on Shueisha’s own magazine in Japan. It has a different lineup from his Japanese counterpart so Dr. Stone joining it wasn’t a certainty until today.

Indeed, it’s in today’s issue of Viz’s Shonen Jump #19 that we can find Dr. Stone joining the digital magazine’s regular lineup with it’s 4th chapter and the promise to quickly catch up to the Japanese release.

Shonen Jump #19 – Dr. Stone Z=4

For recap, Dr. Stone’s 3 first chapters were released as part of the Jump START! initiative. Indeed, Viz published the 3 first chapters of the Japanese Shonen Jump’s new series and add to the regular layout the 2-3 most popular ones.

It’s the first new series announced among the exceptional 6 new simultaneous serializations part of the Jump START! initiative among only 2 or 3 titles will be chosen to stay. Another one is to be announced next week.

Did you miss the 3 first chapters? Worry not! They are available for free online reading!!

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy Dr. Stone and don’t hesitate to share with us what you though of it 😉

ps: To read them on Viz’s website, you’ll need to be in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, the Phillipines and Singapore! Many chapters are available for free but a paid membership is required to read the magazine every week for $0.99/issue or $25.99/year (48 issues at $0.54/each).