Dr. Stone in english in Viz’s Shonen Jump

A digital simulpub in english for Dr. Stone?

Dr. Stone Z=1 page 1 VizWhat if Dr. Stone was published weekly in english and simultaneously with Japan. Wouldn’t that be cool?!!
Well, this might come to reality more quickly than we believe.

Viz Media is the combined North American’s branch of Shueisha and Shogakukan. It runs its own weekly english version of the Shonen Jump for online reading with handpicked series and published simultaneously with Japan.

Following the exceptional start of 6 news series in the Japanese Shonen Jump, Viz Media launched a new Jump START! and plans to include 2-3 of these new titles to its digital magazine’s roster.

They are publishing the 3 first chapters of these 6 and, of course, Dr. Stone isn’t left out!
The first chapter has already been published on March 6th and the second one just came out.

To read them, you’ll need to be in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, the Phillipines and Singapore! Many chapters are available for free but a paid membership is required to read the magazine every week for $0.99/issue or $25.99/year (48 issues at $0.54/each).

If you’re not in one of these countries or Viz’s offer doesn’t fit your needs, you can always take a look at Dr. Stone chapter 1 in Japanese.

We hope you’ll love Dr. Stone’s early chapters and those to come ^^