Ask Boichi about Manga 9 – Pose drawing

Getting pose drawing right

What does boichi do when he can’t get a pose drawing right… From an angle or so, does he use a mannequin? Muktar Yusuf

Pose drawing is not an easy job.
And I’m not the kind of artist who has the ability to easily draw good human poses for manga…
But I’ll tell you what I can do…

I begin by using action figures.

Major Alan Dutch figure from <Predator>, Rei from <Gantz> and etc…
I make them poses.

If these are not enough, then I ask my assistant to take some poses.

I used to take pictures of the poses and angles needed for my works but, about 8 years ago, King Gonta-sensei gave my some advice.

He said, “Hey, Boichi-san. If you want to draw manga and reach their limitless possibilities, then you shouldn’t use photos to draw. Manga is a much more free creative media then photo renditions, isn’t it?

I agreed with his advices, and soon after that I stopped taking pictures.

Now I try to draw poses freely even if I make some mistakes anatomically.
I’m a very slow learner when following King Gonta-sensei’s advice but patience is my strong suit.

So I keep trying to draw good and expressive poses.
As before, I am gradually reducing the problems be it for the best or worst.

– Boichi