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AskBoichi Festival

AskBoichi Festival – Send your questions!

Want to ask something to Boichi-sensei? The AskBoichi Festival is here! Let’s kick off the AskBoichi Festival! To make it simple, send your questions about Manga or Food t...
Answer AskBoichi Manga 5 Montage

Ask Boichi about Manga 5 – The art of Montage

The art of Montage Hi Boichi-sensei, I’d like to know how you proceed when cutting the page’s frames, meaning how do you chose them so it’s not ugly-looking (too many frames)? B...

Ask Boichi Manga 1 thumbnail

Ask Boichi about Manga 1 – Inspiration

Inspiration “Ask Boichi” (about Manga) is a special corner on where I answer the fans’ questions about what I know and think about manga. It’s...

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