The Art of Boichi – Artbook by J-Pop

The Art of Boichi

A backstage pass to Boichi’s art

Today comes out The Art of Boichi, a new original Artbook created by J-Pop!

The Art of Boichi is a real behind the scene of Boichi’s art. It contains extensives informations about his work techniques, gorgeous color pages, progress work, interviews as well as the step by step creation process of the artbook’s cover illustration.

J-Pop is Boichi’s Italian editor publishing Sun-Ken Rock, Wallman, Yumin: Hot & Spicy and Space Chef Caisar in Italy.

Here’s a message from J-Pop’s founder Marco Schiavone for the occasion:

Boichi has been a key part of J-POP’s story since our early days. Sun Ken Rock was amongst the very first books we published in 2006, and it was in so many ways a symbol of what J-POP would become. We would never be interested in princesses that needed saving, but rather in dragon queens to save ourselves from; we would learn to “go for it” and we would take pride in being a small team taking on the vast challenges that lay before us. We fell in love with Boichi’s beautiful women, men and fantastic settings, and, truth be told, we never fully recovered.

For these and so many other reasons, when Sun Ken Rock came to an end in 2016, the year of our 10th anniversary, we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves, but one thing was certain… we would not let that be the end. Not yet.

The Art of Boichi is a book dedicated to all of his fans and to Boichi himself, and we hope that our readers will love it as much as we do, bittersweet nostalgia and all.

Marco Schiavone, Founder J-POP

With its 200 color pages and softcover, The Art of Boichi is available for 25€ on the editor’s website or for those living outside of Italy:

J-Pop website or

The Art of Boichi preview

Squad Goals

The art of Boichi preview

Color pages

The art of Boichi preview


The art of Boichi preview

Step by Step sketches

Wether you are a fans, an aspiring mangaka, a manga lover or even simply someone enjoying artworks, then The Art of Boichi is for you!