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Dr Stone Glénat Manga

Dr. Stone in French by Glénat Manga

A wind of science blows in France with Dr. Stone by Glénat Manga After teasing on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, Glénat Manga finally unveiled their new pick: D...

Origin in French by Pika Edition

Origin finally arrives in France thanks to Pika Edition Guess time is over and its finally Pika Editions who will publish Origin in France. This makes the 5th french manga edito...

Boichi support Irma's victims

Boichi express his support to hurricane Irma’s victims

Boichi-sensei always felt loved and welcome from his french readers and fans. Be it for his manga’s receptions or during the time he spent in Paris for the 2015’s Ja...

The master at work Krinein

[Krinein] Boichi, the man who doesn’t like Ken

Boichi interviewed by Krinein at Japan Expo 2015 This interview was first published in french on Krinein’s website on July 31st and collected by Ours256. Another great one for o...

Boichi Japan Expo Journal du Japon

[Journal du Japon] Meeting with the incredible Boichi, a man of passion!

Boichi interviewed by Journal du Japon at Japan Expo 2015 This interview was first published in french on Journal du Japon’s website on July 14th and collected by Paul Ozouf.  E...
Boichi R2D2

Boichi is Doki-Doki’s special guest for the Paris Japan Expo 2015

Japan Expo, here I come! From July 1st to the 5th, everybody’s favorite mangaka (yes) will be Doki-Doki‘s special guest in France. Be it in librairies or for the Par...

The Art of Sun-Ken Rock

The art of Sun-Ken Rock – Artbook

Exclusive artbook for Sun-Ken Rock’s fans Especially created by Doki-Doki (Sun-Ken Rock’s french editor), The Art of Sun-Ken Rock celebrates Boichi’s graphic v...
Boichi is Charlie

Boichi est Charlie

Je suis Charlie & I will ride with You Click here for a PNG version without background

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