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Ask Boichi Dr Stone

Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone

Today we have Boichi-sensei’s answers to a special Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone! It’s not one, not two, nor three but FIFTEEN questions that sensei answered, are you r...
Kitano Ken N.Gantz cosplay

[Cosplay] Kitano Ken X N.Gantz

N.Gantz cosplay straight from mother Russia Many of us idolize Ken for what he represent as well as how he looks. Let’s be true, I’d do anything to have a body like ...

Natsuko Togo

[Cosplay] Natsuko Togo X Kae-Lyn

150th chapter event – Photoshoot with Natsuko Togo! I bring you today the photoshoot of Natsuko Togo cosplaying as Kim Kae-Lyn. Also published in Young King #24 along with Sun-K...

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