Boichi est Charlie

Je suis Charlie & I will ride with You

As you most likely know, the french newspaper Charlie Hebdo was victim of a terrorist attack on January 7th which ultimately claimed the lives of 17 people. Among them were 4 french cartoonists fighting for freedom of speech: CabuCharb, Tignous and Wolinski. Boichi is really attached to the freedom of speech, here’s his mark of support for the attack’s victims and good muslim communities.

I made this Calligraphy for the French people who stand on the streets and shout out for freedom of speech as well as for the four brave cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo.

You can freely share and use it. It is my gift for my beloved people of France.

The Freedom of Speech‘s spirit and love for each other from our heart will never disappear from this world!


Je suis Charlie caligraphy


Click here for a PNG version without background

Boichi is Charlie