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BoichiDay - Boichi answers fans' Questions

[BoichiDay] Boichi answers fans’ questions

BoichiDay Questions & Answers My friends picked 8 out of my fans’ many questions for the BoichiDay but all those questions were still given to me as support. I really wanted...
Sun-Ken Rock's end

A date for Sun-Ken Rock’s end

10 Years run It’s at the end of the chapter published in the 4th issue of Young King to be published tomorrow that we learn that Sun-Ken Rock‘s next chapter will be ...

The Art of Sun-Ken Rock

The art of Sun-Ken Rock – Artbook

Exclusive artbook for Sun-Ken Rock’s fans Especially created by Doki-Doki (Sun-Ken Rock’s french editor), The Art of Sun-Ken Rock celebrates Boichi’s graphic v...

150 chapitres de Sun-Ken Rock

Boichi and Sun-Ken Rock, 150 chapters later

150th chapters, Boichi’s take on the milestone Here’s the 3rd and last event that was part of Young King #24 to celebrate Sun-Ken Rock’s 150th chapter along with the Kae-Lyn cos...

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