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Ask Boichi Festival

Ask Boichi Festival – The answers!

Boichi-sensei recently had a week off after finishing the work on Dr. Stone volume 1. For the occasion, he told us he was ready to answer his fans questions and so we launched t...
Answer AskBoichi Manga 6

Ask Boichi about Manga 6 – About backgrounds

About backgrounds Hi Boichi-sensei, I’d like to know how you proceed for your pages’ background, especially those in Sun-Ken Rock? – Nassreddine Chattou Dear Nassreddine C...

bookcase for cyber network BackGrounds 2

Trivia of Boichi’s Ghost in the Shell oneshot part 3

Innovative techniques for manga backgrounds One of the features from Shirow Masamune-sensei’s Ghost in the Shell manga is the use of innovative techniques for manga in his works...

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