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Ask Boichi about Manga 4

Ask Boichi about Manga 4 – Digital coloring

Digital coloring Hi, Boichi-sensei. I would love to know the process you do to add color to your manga. About the software you use, about shadows, lights, highlights, if you use...
J-Pop Artbook

The Art of Boichi – Artbook by J-Pop

A backstage pass to Boichi’s art Today comes out The Art of Boichi, a new original Artbook created by J-Pop! The Art of Boichi is a real behind the scene of Boichi’s...

The Art of Sun-Ken Rock

The art of Sun-Ken Rock – Artbook

Exclusive artbook for Sun-Ken Rock’s fans Especially created by Doki-Doki (Sun-Ken Rock’s french editor), The Art of Sun-Ken Rock celebrates Boichi’s graphic v...

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