The art of Sun-Ken Rock – Artbook


Exclusive artbook for Sun-Ken Rock’s fans

The Art of Sun-Ken RockEspecially created by Doki-Doki (Sun-Ken Rock’s french editor), The Art of Sun-Ken Rock celebrates Boichi’s graphic virtuosity displayed in his flagship manga: Sun-Ken Rock.

To present you this artbook, who’s better than the mangaka, Boichi, himself?

When I was told that France, the country of the arts, loved Sun-Ken Rock, it was a surprise and a great happiness. So when Doki-Doki asked me the authorization to make this artbook, a feeling of joy overcome me.

I held dear for this artbook to be more than a simple compilation of artworks, it’s a part of myself that you’ll be able to own at home. For example, I made an original cover and detailed its creation process inside. And for the french readers to know me better, I used the allocated time to answer the questions asked in an interview.

The french fans of Sun-Ken Rock always gave me an unswerving support and they deserves for me to give the best of myself. I want them to know that between us, the love is reciprocal.


So yeah, we finally have a Sun-Ken Rock artbook with 120 stunning color pages! We waited for years and here it is! Obviously, the french readers will have access to more content seeing how it contains an interview and the cover’s creation process, but it’s still finally the artbook we wanted!

I will be sure to get my own and I hope you too. As Boichi himself said, he poured his all in this artbook. Here’s a few sample pages. What do you think about it?

The Art of Sun-Ken Rock color The Art of Sun-Ken Rock black & white The Art of Sun-Ken Rock sketches

It’ll be available on July’s 1st at the price of 24,90€

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