Mt. Jiri Mountain Training


Has it ever happened to you when minding your own business, rescuing a girl or some other badass stuff as usual, when suddenly some vietnamese/korean guy with a brick of milk appears out of nowhere and whoops your ass? I know, I know. Happened to us all at least once, right? Well Real Anime Training has the perfect thing for you! The Mt. Jiri Mountain Training!

I now leave the coaching to Stephen Ross from Real Anime Training:

Mount Ji-Ri TrainingSun-Ken Rock is a bit of an odd story. A Japanese youth follows a girl to Korea and ends up becoming the boss of a very small Korean gang. Through a lot of hilarious hardship and some very hard-to-bear scenes, the gang slowly accumulates new members and begins to take down other gangs in the area. There is a very intense training sequence under the care of a few monks up in one of the highest mountains in Korea for 10 month that we will now turn into a workout.

Sun-Ken Rock: Mt. Jiri Mountain Training

Morning —5 Rounds

  1. Run 1 Mile, approx 1,6 Kilometer
  2. Climb 50 Feet, approx 15 Meters (Rope, Rock, or Tree)
  3. Army Crawl 100 Yards, approx 92 Meters

5-6 Hours Later

  1. 1000 Weapon Strikes on Tree
  2. 1000 Punches on Tree
  3. Practice Handstands- 10 Minutes
Workout notes:
  • The running should ideally be done on mountainous terrain. You’re looking for hills, uneven ground, and even streams to run through.
  • Be careful with the climbing. If you do not have a rock wall or proper equipment, try to only climb about 10 feet (3 meters) at a time. Climb up a tree or a rope or a small rock face and then climb back down for the total distance.
  • Remember to stay low on the army crawl.
  • Ken’s gang used knives against the logs/trees for their weapon training, but you can use whatever you like. Whatever you end up using, make sure that you are being safe. If at all possible, I recommend that you use practice weapons like wooden swords. You can use nunchaku, knives, swords, an ax or whatever you like.
  • You do NOT have to do these punches on a tree. You can use a heavy bag or a makiwara or a hanging Iron Palm Bag. Whatever the case, you need to start slow, remember to punch with proper form, and stop when you need to. If your hands are done hitting at 100 reps, then you should stop. Also, if you are new to hitting things or are hitting a new material, you need to hit the material softly at first!!!  Building bone density and hardness are not done over night and can take years to properly develop, so please take your time.
  • On handstands, start the clock and just practice for ten minutes straight. Rest when you need to, but you need to push yourself during this ten minutes. Hold the handstand for as long as you can. When you get better at the handstand, you can try supporting yourself on all of your fingers and gradually removing one finger at a time. Just like hand conditioning, this will take a very long time and you should be patient!
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
ps: be carful of the bears 😉

Thanks a lot to Real Anime Training for the workout. Don’t hesitate to drop him a visit and take a look at the many other workouts available. You can find the original post right HERE

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