Boichi and Sun-Ken Rock, 150 chapters later


150th chapters, Boichi’s take on the milestone

Here’s the 3rd and last event that was part of Young King #24 to celebrate Sun-Ken Rock’s 150th chapter along with the Kae-Lyn cosplay of Togo Natsuko and the Boss Ken figurines.

I am so grateful for your words of praise. Especially about Yumin’s ass… Just kidding (Is that really a joke?). With the final battle before our eyes, Ken and Yumin have at last become one.

Ever since I first started “Sun-Ken Rock”, I thought the bed scene would take more than one chapter to illustrate. Being more than one chapter in length, I wanted to draw it really ecchi. I wanted to create an “I can’t believe such an ecchi scene appeared in Young King!!!” kind of scene.

However, over the 8 years that “Sun-Ken Rock” has run, the atmosphere of the Japanese manga world has changed greatly, and such ecchi depictions have become more and more difficult.

With that being the case, I had to give up on my idea for a “I can’t believe such an ecchi scene appeared in Young King!!!” scene. But I still did my utmost to make it happen.

In planning the scene before me, I considered doing it in three genres. Those were shoujo style, ero-manga style, and action-manga style.

When I did shoujo style, it was about the beauty of love, and I depicted their passion. When it was ero-manga style, it was all about fiery pleasure, and I depicted the beautiful female body. When it was action-manga style, I wanted to show the manliness of Ken’s body and make a sexy depiction.

And by the way, in so doing, I think I might have made it take too long. I wanted to begin the final fight in volume 22, so I couldn’t spend all of volume 22 on the Ken & Yumin bed scene. And so a few flowers appeared, as did a few muscles.

What will remain forever in my memories are the “panties“. When I draw panties normally, I draw white cotton panties. But this was the single most important scene in “Sun-Ken Rock”, so I believed I had to draw great panties.

So, starting two months before I drew the scene, I gathered up underwear catalogs and fashion magazines to go over.

Left with no other choice, I went to Ginza, already prepared to shell out money. After going to two Ginza department stores, I finally picked out and bought some panties. The ones I found were French-made and cost 8500 yen. Trembling, I bought them and put them on a mannequin in my office, so I could look as I drew.

Oh, right. I also bought a “poncho” for source material before the bed scene. By spending an amount beyond imagination, I purchased the most expensive source material in history. My mannequin was responsible for modeling this poncho too. I did my best to convey the Ken & Yumin bed scene to the readers. I’ll be so pleased if they enjoy it.

In writing all 150 chapters of “Sun-Ken Rock” up until this point, I felt the readers’ unspoken love and understanding. I cannot express just how thankful I am. I am truly grateful. And not just in Japan, but in France and Italy, all over the world, I offer my heartfelt gratitude to my readers.

Sun-Ken Rock has already plunged into the final fight. Not only did I sometimes think that it should be “with a heroine like Kae-Lyn rather than Yumin”, but midway through the series there was also the “Entertainment World Arc”. But there wasn’t enough to that arc for five girls. Sorry, Yumin.

Still, Yumin started to fulfill the role of the heroine more and more. She became Ken’s partner and began fighting with him, and on the inside she appears to still be changing. On the outside, her make-up and style are changing, and the mood of her clothes has changed. Internally, a lot of other things are changing. Please look forward to her ongoing changes. I am prepared to consider many stories for Yumin.

But even with all of that being said, in this, the final fight, the one who is changing the most is of course Ken.

In the beginning, Ken wouldn’t accept that he was in a gang, and he became the boss despite refusing to acknowledge that fact. As things progressed, he inevitably accepted himself as the boss, but he still wouldn’t acknowledge himself as a gang member. He absolutely wouldn’t kill anyone, nor would he plot dirty schemes, and he possessed the desire for neither power nor wealth.

Tae-Soo worked hard to protect that naive Ken, and he continues to strive hard. This is how Tae-Soo thinks: “In the course of protecting that which is of noble worth in this dirty world, one must perform dirty deeds”… However, Tae-Soo is already out of the picture.

Ken is transforming. Already he has no qualms in killing his enemies. And this is just the beginning.

Ken, the former boss of the Sun-Ken Rock gang. Now that the Sun-Ken Rock gang is gone, hasn’t he at last become a mighty gang of one?

What will happen in the end? I don’t know either. I haven’t finished the work yet; it’s for Ken to decide. I too will do my very best to portray it, and I will watch over his changes and his choices. However, there is just one thing I can tell you.

Ken lives in this world only by the strength he possesses. Even if he loses everything else, that alone will remain his.

I too endeavor to live like Ken; living solely by the strength I possess.

So I will cheer on people who live in this world by the strength they possess, like “Sun-Ken Rock” and Ken.

Thank you very much!

– Boichi

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