The 10 years journey of Sun-Ken Rock…


To my beloved fans,

today I finally met Sun-Ken Rock’s last deadline.

I still have work to do on the last volume of Sun-Ken Rock, but as far as the ongoing publication in Young King is concerned, Sun-Ken Rock is now officially over.

The 10 year journey of Sun-Ken Rock…

I want to thank you all deeply for your love and support. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Japan or not; I want to thank everyone who loves my work.

This time… this moment… I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

The journey of Sun-Ken Rock, emboldened by your love, makes me feel that I have freedom of speech, and grants me the liberty to portray whatever I want through manga.

For instance, I’m truly glad that I had the chance to apologize to the Vietnamese people through Sun-Ken Rock. I believe that exercising love and forgiveness is the only way in this world to bring peace and happiness. So if I can only deliver one message through Sun-Ken Rock, that is the one thing I want to portray to readers.

With that being the case, I’m now overwhelmed by joy. I was elated beyond words to discover that there are so many people who understand and agree with my thoughts. Many thanks to you!

I had a great time working on Sun-Ken Rock, but now I finally have the time to put down my pen and take a step back. I understand that not everyone will feel that way; some people may be upset that the journey of Ken and the Sun-Ken Rock gang is over.

But let me tell you two things.

First, Sun-Ken Rock derived its meaning through the realization of Kitano Ken’s journey, not from its end. Sun-Ken Rock’s ending does not mean the end of Kitano Ken’s journey.

Second, my life as a mangaka is just beginning. I believe this year is the second season of my life as a mangaka, with many more to come.

Thank you all. I can’t wait to see you again!

With all my heart, thank you for everything!



The moment I put down my pen(-brush) for Sun-Ken Rock for the last time.

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