Raqiya – Faith won’t save you

Author: YAJIMA Masao – Artist: Boichi

Alt Names: ラキア: 新黙示録 – 最强女神传说 – Rakia: Shin Mokushiroku – Rakia: The New Book of Revelation – Raqiya – Sanctum

Genre: Seinen, Action, Fantasy

Even though a 19th-century philosopher (Nietzsche) once said “God is dead”, the story of Rakia has God descend to Earth in the 21st century assuming the form of a girl. (*”Rakia” is the Hebrew word for the skies or the firmament.)

It’s the end of the 20th century, in America’s Nevada desert. A family is enjoying a car ride. The father stops to check on an old man who seems to be in trouble. Once the problem is resolved the father returns to the car, but they still have to wait for their daughter, Hazuki Luna, who went for a stroll. The instant Luna returns, the car explodes. Everybody is dead, with the exception of Luna. She has made some sort of pact with an evil being. Seven years later, we meet Luna enjoying her everyday life in America…

Status: completed (5 volumes)

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