[JPN] Origin volume 2


Origin volume 2 is now available in Japanese

Published by Kodansha, Origin volume 2 is available in Japan starting today April 6th, 2017.
It is 192 pages long for a price of 626¥ (approx $5,7USD) and contains chapters 7 through 15 (see Table of Contents).

Challenges keeps pilling up for Origin and his Gonta personae. Every moments is a battle for him to live up to his father’s last wish, to that end he needs one thing more than ever… Money!
The underworld is getting more dangerous than ever with new opponents appearing in Origin’s way. But perhaps its his alter ego’s work at AEE that will prove to be the most perilous!

After destroying one of his robotic sibling, Origin is attacked by two others while bringing back a colleague, Hirose Mai, to her place. For robots, this irrational comportement akin to revenge can only mean one thing, there is no doubt that their leader is a robot with “emotions”.
With his left arm hosting his weapon cuts off and only 2 minutes of energy left. It’s under these unfavourable circumstances that Origin continue to fight to survive!

Origin volume 2 cover JP

Origin volume 2 Japanese cover

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Origin volume 2’s Table of Contents

Origin chapter 14 color page

For its 10th chapter, Origin was on the Weekly Young Magazine’s cover and had a color page. Origin chapter 14 also had a color page (on the right).
You can learn more about this color page’s creation in the 4th Ask Boichi about Manga.

ps: Due to popularity, Origin volume 1 has been granted a second print run \o/

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