Trivia of Boichi’s Ghost in the Shell oneshot part 4


I must draw this!

  1. yatch sex sceneHomage

I wanted to make homage to Ghost in this Shell with this tribute project.
So there are some cameos you can find in my oneshot.

I think you’ll be able to remember this yacht sex scene if you are a big fans of <Ghost in the Shell>.

But I drew it a bit differently from the original.

  1. It must be in Color!!!

The most troublesome part of my oneshot was that there was a part I wanted to draw in color.

I really wanted to make it colored but the request was black and white and I didn’t have much time to work.

The reason was that I had received the news of the serialization of the Shonen Jump project was decided from Jump’s editorial department so I had no time to work on it.

Everyone around me was telling me “Forget about coloring! Just draw as B&W!”

I still believe their advice was absolutely right.
But still, I did it in color even if it won’t be announced or published with color pages anyway.

I was able to take a moment so I could work as coloring and took the opportunity to finally do 2 color pages.

You can see the finished color pictures below.
I’m asking for your understanding but I put very small images here.

GitS tribute color 1

GitS tribute color 2

I made an original color version but also a B&W version for printing.

The B&W version has a slight tone adjustment but it’s not entirely screentones.

GitS tribute b&w

In other words, when you read my oneshot you may come to think “It doesn’t look Black and White. Maybe it was a color work.”

I hope it will be one of the pleasures of reading my oneshot.^^

  1. My drawing style before reading <Ghost in the shell>

Working on this amazing project, I was able to show my respect to Shirow Masamune-sensei and Ghost in the Shell.

So I’d like to show you what I draw before I read Ghost in the Shell and his works.

boichi at 14yo

This is the full image if a picture I drew when I was 14.
At that time, I wanted to be a SF mangaka but I didn’t know what do and how to reach that goal.

I never had the chance to read Japanese manga nor ever had read manga tutorial books.

I was a SF nerd who loved watching SF movies and drawing their mechanics under the influence from movies such as Star Wars and the Alien series.

Time passed and I finally have a chance to thank Shirow Masamune-sensei through this oneshot and I’m even able to work on my own SF manga <Origin>.

I think these are very good things in my life.

– Boichi

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