Trivia of Boichi’s Ghost in the Shell oneshot part 1


Backstage of Ghost in the Shell’s tribute

The Ghost in the Shell live action is coming soon in theaters in Japan!
I took part in the special tribute event for Hollywood’s version of <Ghost in the Shell>.
It’s a special event where eight manga creators each made a tribute oneshot.
As I told you in my first announcement of Ghost in the Shell’s special oneshot here in, I plan to write my <Ghost in the Shell> trivia for my fans and readers visiting

1. Will Shirow Masamune sensei read my work?

This is an anecdote from when I first received the message from the editor of <Monthly Young Magazine > who charted this project.

I asked him, “Will he read my work?”
He answered me, “Yes, he will.”

As a big fan, I believe this is the best way to prove him that I’m a huge fan of his works!!

2. Announcing the oneshot in the main magazine.

My oneshot will be published in <Weekly Young Magazine>, not the Monthly magazine, which is decided by the planning of the editor.

I was very surprised when I heard his decision!!!
Because my work is the only one released in the weekly, what’s more it will be just before the movie opening in Japan!

To me, it is such an honor!
But I’d be fine with my oneshot to be in any magazines, weekly or monthly didn’t matter.
I was just happy to be working on <Ghost in the Shell>.

3. Collecting <Ghost in the Shell>’s figurines.

I had to start to design and draw. I would need to show my own drawing style but at the same time, it also need to show respect and Masamune-sensei’s influence.

To draw too similar to the original work is the most stupid thing for an anthology.

Plus my drawing skills are nowhere near his level so similarity wouldn’t mean good drawing.
It’d only show my weaknesses.

And drawing with his style is also bad idea.
Neither Masamune’s fans nor my fans want to see that. They want to see the originals.

I have to satisfy both fanbases!

So my goal with Ghost in the Shell is to be sure that it’s based on my drawings and that fans are able to feel the original acuity of Ghost in the Shell.
Also I want to show how deeply influenced I was by Shirow Masamune sensei.

For these reasons, I bought figurines as resources. (Not because I’m collecting them of course.)
I got 5 figures total and started to take pictures.

I thought this was a figurine but it was a plastic model.

Fujikoma plastic model

Damn it!! I don’t have time to build plastic models!!!

I believe that if I’m working on <Ghost in the Shell>, I must make Fujikoma show in the story!
Basic design is based from the manga <Ghost in the shell 1> but I added some of my own design in the details.
Shirow Masamune-sensei’s design is way better than Ghost in the Shell’s animations so I didn’t include their designs.

BTW, I lost the old figurines so I brought a new one. (Once again, not because I’m collecting figurines.)

However, I couldn’t find Fujikoma’s figurine on Amazon Japan so I ordered it from an different seller.
But as I can’t read Japanese, I ordered the wrong one… I thought it was a figurine when ordering it but when I opened the package, it was a plastic model.

I was too busy to take care of this plastic model but one of my assistant wanted to build it. So I asked her to built it and pay her for building Fujikoma’s model.

Once done with the design and drawing, I gave it to her as a present.

Major figurine

This figurine was also given as a present to my assistant.

Two other action figurines were given to my main assistant too.

My studio is very small and already full so there is no space for extra figurines.

I already have to place many figurines and collectable items such as Robocop, Aliens (Xenomorphs), and Star Wars. (SUB)

Major figurine

I tried to give this to my assistant but I decided to keep it for a while. (Not because I still want it.)

To be continued

– Boichi

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