Trivia of Boichi’s Ghost in the Shell oneshot part 2


1. Drawing in Shirow Masamune-sensei’s style.

I had never drawn with Masamune-sensei’s artstyle before.
Similarly, I have never drawn using Inoue Takehiko-sensei, Katsura Masakazu-sensei or other mangaka’s artstyles. 

But this time, I decided to draw the arts that felt the most like Ghost in the shell so I drew in Masamune-sensei’s drawing style.

I drew these before starting the work.

Ghost in the Shell characters

The style I was aiming for is between Ghost in the Shell manga part 1 and 1.5
Part 2 was way more difficult then the first one, so I decided to go with a mix of 1 and 1.5.

The timeline in the oneshot is also 2029. The very same timeline as in the original.
Please check the date in the story.
It’s a hidden detail for the Ghost in the Shell’s fans! ^^

2. Originality 


The universe of Ghost in the Shell and Masamune-sensei’s works are very extensive and detailed.

A mangaka like me cannot imitate these details!
In order to express myself in this detailed world, I had to concentrate on this work as I wanted to express the feels of the original because I somehow had decided to draw a part of this masterpiece. 

Therefore, I avoided to touch the creative world of Ghost in the Shell as much as possible and only put my own originality in some designs.

There are some designs of my own for Kusaragi’s suit appearing in my oneshot.

Her suit is totally skintight, the combat knife and sword are wrapped around her arm and her thigh, and the mini pistol on the back… Those kind of things…

The mini pistol has been designed to fire not only bullets but to also be able to shot electric tasers. Sadly, it didn’t show in this story. 

These hidden details are the expression of my respect for the great creative universe of Ghost in the Shell.

I believe that those hidden pieces of details are a must in a tribute oneshot for the Ghost in the shell anthology.!!!

 3. Seburo

When I started to work on this oneshot I thought that the guns must be Seburo’s

To express details in the world of Ghost in the Shell, then it’s a must for Seburo’s guns to appear.

If the guns in Ghost in the Shell are not Seburo, than it’s like a samurai appearing in a samurai movie while carrying a Claymore instead of a Katana.

Hence I decided to show Seburo’s gun. How wonderful that I could draw Seburo’s design!!!

If you are a big fan of Masamune-sensei, then you will know how I fell!!

OHHHHH~~YEAH!!! I draw Seburo!!
Nha Nha Nha Nah!!! Who’s the best? I draw Seburo!!! I’m a bigger fan of Masamune-sensei than you!!!
I know it’s very childish but I really felt like this.^^

Seburo's gun

The design of Seburo’s gun I draw.

The aiming system of this gun is a method of displaying images (screen) on the user’s view by connecting to the user’s cyberbrain.

I named it, NT-AT after the names of droids in Star Wars.

I usually do the same for the characters in <Origin>.

It really was a great experience to create and design using Seburo’s brand.
The most memorable experience in my life!

It was very hard to finish working on this oneshot because <Dr. Stone> was decided to be serialized in Shonen Jump!

– Boichi

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