[April Fools] Manujeol – Fantasy shoujo series


Manujeol: starting a new school life in Japan!

Manujeol is the newest addition to Boichi’s serialization streak. This new shoujo title starts today in Shogakugan’s Shōjo Comic #10.

Two weekly series is finally easier than I’d have originally though so as the saying goes, good things come in threes!

That’s why, after the Seinen <Origin> and Shonen <Dr. Stone>, I decided to go for a Shoujo with <Manujeol>.
This new series will allows me to renew with my roots as a manhwa artist for a young girls’ magazine. (not because I want to draw pretty girls.)

This has been on my mind for a while, there are too many smelly and muscular men in my works. Especially in Dr. Stone!!
This new title will be perfect to even things out. (not because Inagaki-sensei keeps adding more male characters to Dr. Stone.)

Btw, I’m also planning a 4th one but shhh… that’s a secret for now.

– Boichi.com

Sagi is your everyday schoolgirl starting her new life in Japan following her father’s new job. She’s a bit clumsy but also an expert gymnast, a martial art artist master and talk 5 languages.

She has those two bishoujos in love with her but they seems to hide a deeper secret (something about royalty and other dimensions!). Oh, and she’s a vampire!!

How will the absolutely average Sagi fare in the hostile environment of a Japanese all-girl highschool?!!

We hope you’ll enjoy Manujeol and keep following Boichi’s serializations!

Let’s finish with a bit of Korean linguistics: 만우절, pronounced Manujeol, is Korea’s April Fool’s Day! It’s direct translation is “the festival of ten thousand fools”!
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