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Dear fans,

Boichi's Manga LabI, Boichi, would like to make an announcement through to my fans around the world, including visitors of itself.
My new manga tutorial series will begin publishing this April in Japan. It will be published simultaneously in the Japanese manga webzine Comic Dangan and the manga magazine Comic Gum.

The theme of this manga tutorial is “the desire to draw manga”; what drives you to want to draw something? Why do you want to draw manga, or manga characters?
For me, the reason is that I want to draw a lot of girls’ butts!

I’m researching the history of different manga and their styles, examining the way they flow, the roots of their histories, and even researching the systems of manga itself. Of course, the most important thing here is to “Draw manga happily”, and try to learn in a fun way.
Amidst my works from 1994 through to 2004 I published seven manga tutorial books in Korea. Among those books, 3 of them became best-sellers in Korea.
Those books are among the top of those listed in the Art and Art Tutorials sections; one is cited as being the best manga tutorial book in the history of the Korean manhwa market, while the other 2 titles received requests from foreign countries.

The great mangaka before us invented and developed amazing techniques. I studied their works and learned from them, and have thus been fortunate enough to become a professional mangaka.
I believe this is my chance to share with you what I learned from them.
This project gave me a chance to brush up on many things I pondered deeply about regarding the ways of drawing manga. It is not just teaching a subject; it is about learning together. I myself still continue to learn every day.
I want to tell you how important it is to learn how to draw manga in order to pass the knowledge onto the next generation of mangaka around the world, but in doing so, I also want to make every subject and topic as fun and easy as possible ^^
It is time to draw manga in as joyful a manner as we can!
Drawing manga is always fun!

To my beloved fans in France, and to my fans all around the world who love to read my manga, I would like to convey something to you.

First, you can read this tutorial at the same time as Japan online.
When I started my career as a mangaka in Japan, I was alone and lonely, but not anymore.
You are not just readers of my works. We’ve banded together. Me and you, we are walking together.
I’m going back to my work desk for my new projects, and this tutorial series is our first step together as a band!
With this tutorial, I want to shout aloud in response to your love, dreams and passions (how much you love manga and dream of becoming a mangaka). So show me your passion!

Second, I wanted to share old memories of my own.
The fact is, I had a chance to meet you all much earlier than you’d think.
It was before Sun-Ken Rock, back in 2003. Publishers from France and North America asked to publish my Korean manga tutorial books in their respective countries.
I was so excited; this was the first time my works would be licensed to the outside world.
Sadly, I didn’t hear back from them after the bidding stage. If it had been a success, and my works were published in your countries, then we might have met in a different way and had a lot of chances to contact each other.
But now, finally, I will have the chance to meet you all, as I dreamed back in 2003.
I’m so happy to be able to tell you this now!

Welcome to Boichi’s Manga Lab!
See you there!


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