Throwback on LuccaCG14 – Boichi’s showcase


J-Pop invited Boichi to Lucca Comics & Games 2014 to meet his fans and celebrate the release of Wallman volume 1 in Italian. The following showcase took place in Lucca, Italy, and was recorded by  for

On Saturday, the 3rd day of LuccaCG14, Boichi was delighted by the numerous visitors of Lucca Comics who came to see the master at work in the San Giovanni church at 12am. He also took this occasion to answer visitors’ questions while drawing.

Boichi: I love manga so much that every stage of its creation fascinate me, but the best part is when I get paid (laughs). Just kidding; I really enjoy making manga.

In this showcase, Boichi showed us a Shikishi drawing of Wallman’s main characters: Jirou, Nami and Kubota. The drawing has been published in Japan in the magazine Grand Jump by Shueisha and in Italy by J-Pop. Find out more about this manga on Wallman’s minisite.

Back when he won the Gran Guinigi prize for his oneshot “Hotel” in 2011, he showed his thanks by sending to Lucca an original drawing of his robot avatar on a woman’s ass.

Boichi: The robot is my avatar. I love science fiction, and my dream is to become a robot.

He admitted candidly. But who are the artists whom he considers his masters?

Boichi: Definitely Masakazu Katsura. From him I learned all about women (laughs). But I can’t forget Shiro Masamune with his “Appleseed”, or “Robot King” (a Korean anime) with regard to science fiction. And among Western comics it is, without a doubt, Moebius.

One of his greatest sources of inspiration is through watching movies:

Boichi: I love cinema. Before starting a new work I always buy movies of the genre I want to represent and gather a lot of information this way. In the case of “Sun-Ken Rock”, for example, I mainly watched “The Godfather” and “A Better Tomorrow”. For “Wallman”, various “007” movies and the best of Takeshi Kitano. For science fiction, my main inspirations are “Star Wars”, “Close Encounter of the Third Kind” and “The Quest for Fire”.

We asked the mangaka if his Degree in Physics has been useful in his manga:

Boichi: I use Physics for my science fiction stories in order to try to be more realistic and believable. Then I use it to measure and calibrate the material that I use to draw.

What do you think of video games and such?

Boichi: A great deal, and to prevent myself from being distracted from my work, I follow the three rules of being a good mangaka (laughs): Do not drink, do not smoke, and do not play video games!

Korea is in full-bloom amidst a local phenomenon: webcomics becoming accessible from mobile phones and specifically made for this medium. What do you think of this?

Boichi: I’m all for it. Manga should expand to any technologies, including smartwatches. Too small? The bottle size is irrelevant; what matters is how drunk it gets you.

And as for the technologies used when creating manga?

Boichi: I draw everything by hand and then use drawing tablets to complete the page, usually to apply textures and backgrounds.

Someone in the audience asked him what he thought of editors and if he had a good relationship with them.

Boichi: Editors… (raises his head to peek at the audience and sees his editor). My editors… are exceptional people (laughs). I feel a little like the editor’s slave these days. I’m always working and haven’t had the time to enjoy Lucca Comics at all. Next time I’ll come alone to appreciate it as a tourist and eat my favorite dish, Bistecca alla Fiorentina (porterhouse steak).

He’s really sympathetic, and it shows in his pages. Boichi had already spoken a lot, but as he was about to conclude this showcase, he announced out loud:

Boichi: Watch now as I draw the most difficult and fundamental part: … (once done, he lets out a deep sigh of relief and puts his pen down with great satisfaction) …Panties! (Laughs)

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