Throwback on Japan Expo 2015


Boichi in Paris, France

Hi, it’s me Weaper and today I’ll go with you over Boichi-sensei’s time at the 2015’s Paris Japan Expo as a guest of Doki-Doki. The occasion to present Sun-Ken Rock volume 22 published a month earlier as well as an original creation of theirs: the artbook The Art of Sun-Ken Rock!

He has been crazy busy, chaining interviews and public meetings for the french fans’ biggest pleasure. I’ll publish a separate post tomorrow listing all the interviews he had and even translate them over the next days/weeks. But for now, if you weren’t able to be there, french or not, I now propose you an overall view of what took place during his stay in Paris. I hope you’ll like it 😉

 July 1st – Forum des Halles

Freshly arrived in Paris on Tuesday June 30th, Boichi started the interviews right away and the events as soon as Wednesday July 1st. The first of the list was the public conference a the Fnac des Halles hosted by Guillaume Dorison from J-One. This conference was followed by a two hours long signing event for the fans to meet their idol. The signing were done on a special Sun-Ken Rock shikishi created for the event.

Boichi exposed us capital informations such as how he preferred to draw Yumin’s panties than Ken’s muscular torso or also how he wanted to become president when he was a child.

July 2nd – Hayaku Shop

On the second day of Boichi’s stay, Wednesday July 2nd, took place the signing event at the manga library Hayaku Shop at midday. For 2 hours Boichi was available to meet his fans as well as sign them a new exclusive shikishi once more specially created for the event. It was also the first occasion to purchase The Art of Sun-Ken Rock, Boichi’s artbook.

Boichi at Hayaku Shop for the signing event

July 2nd through 5th – Japan Expo

Doki-Doki’s booth proudly arboring the Sun-Ken Rock colors (that’d be awesome in my room!)

Boichi beig Doki-Doki’s guest for the Japan Expo, they had organized many event such as public showing, signing sessions and VIP meeting with the Master.

Fans queuing to meet Boichi

The first signing event was on the afternoon of Thursday July 2nd. Two more were supposed to take place everyday but sadly Friday’s afternoon session as well as Saturday’s and Sunday’s morning sessions had to be cancelled due to Boichi being too exhausted. Leaving only 1 even daily, too bad but better than nothing!

Because yes, he was tired. Just out of the plane he was thrown in the heat wave covering Paris this week with temperatures up to 40°C! With the signing events and the many interviews he had, plus him continuing to work no matter what, his manager made this choice to preserve his health.

We also had an SKR fans meetup on Saturday and it was really fun to meet and talk with fellow Boichi fans all throughout the event.

They were numerous to come to see him and 30 lucky ones even won a special drawing/signing session over the course of 3 days (10 each days Friday, Saturday, Sunday). You can see all the awesome artworks Boichi made them right here:

Japan Expo 2015 | Boichi

Boichi in top condition on Saturday

Boichi still working between interviews and signing sessions (omg, a spoiler from SKR c160!!)

Boichi touched to meet his french fans. And likewise

A BIG thank you to all of Doki-Doki’s giving us the french fans the chance to meet Boichi. This event was a success thanks to them!

Boichi and Doki-Doki’s staff at the Japan Expo

As for me, I’d have loved to have more time but I was still able to have a nice chat with Mister B so it’s all good 😉

Weaper & Boichi

– Weaper

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