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BoichiDay Questions & Answers

My friends picked 8 out of my fans’ many questions for the BoichiDay but all those questions were still given to me as support.

I really wanted to answer all of them but please understand how busy I am drawing manga. Bu don’t be so sad if I didn’t answer your question today.

There is a special weekly corner for questions on Boichi.com taking place on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s named “Ask to Boichi” so if you want to be a manga artist, want to visit Japan, or want to talk about Japanese food and their food’s culture, etc… please feel free to use this corner.

Of course I will use most of my time and life to draw manga. And you want me to do that as well. Right? But I’ll also have a bit of communication with fans around the world which is a very enjoyable moment too.

I can not answer many questions because of my professional limitations, but every week I will answer one or two of your questions.

But for now, here’s the answers to BoichiDay’s fans questions!

Q1 – Ziko Clr

You always perfectly drew the muscles, like the insertions etc… do you workout? How do you know human anatomy that well?


Thank you very much for your good opinion of my drawings.

However I don’t think I draw the human body that well. I can always feel my limits, I have to keep drawing and never stop practicing.

Usually I exercise by walking or aqua-walking, but I don’t think personal exercise or weight training can help to get better at drawing muscles…

I started weight training a long time ago but I don’t go much to the gym nowadays… It’s kind of a waste of my money every month. How embarrassing.

I also want to know how to draw the human body well!! But I can’t tell you much about how I study human body for manga.

Drawing is like studying mathematics or foreign languages at school. It’s very similar to learning as you did(or do) in school. Or even playing soccer with your friends.

You see, You need to find the key points, memorise every parts of the human anatomy, keep practicing and do it every day as much as you can.

In order to draw the human body, memorise human muscles and bones, if you want to draw awesome human bodies, you need to understand and know as much of the human anatomy as possible. Not just memorising the name of every muscle but also knowing what they looks like and understand their shapes. How they changes around joints, their connections, and their shadowing under the light.

In the manga industry, editors will ask of you to be fast and skilled as to drawing manga on time with quality artworks.

I think it’s better to start by remembering a lot in your head and get used to it.

Studying is a necessary and very important step. If there is a need to memorize details, then memorize all of them. Keep it up!

Q2 – Val’ Jaulin

I saw in your different works how much you love food, what’s your favorite food ever? As for french food, what do you prefer and would you want to eat some other french food? Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Keep going we love ya!


If you read my manga and felt that I love food and food’s cultures around the world then you should see my beerbelly first. And then you may say “Man, this guy eats way too much!”

Well… yes, I need to reduce my belly’s size…

My favorite food was ice cream for a long time. Since I was very young, I loved ice cream very much. Cold, sweet and soft sensation filling the mouth. It is truly a heavenly food!

When I was young, I couldn’t eat ice cream as much as I wanted to. My mother wouldn’t allow me to eat it very often.

But currently I don’t have any favorite food. I just love all kind of food from around the world. There are so many delicious food in the world and every one them has its own advantages.

So it’s very hard to pick up one of my favorites. In France I’d say… are there any French-meals that can’t be liked?

I love all that’s French but if I have to pick one “first”, then I will say Croissant. I have an unforgettable memory about croissant.

Back in 2008, I went to trip to Paris. I stayed at a very cheap hotel and they served Croissant for breakfast. It was so very very delicious! How can a piece of bread be so delicious?!!!

What’s more, that Croissant must’ve been very cheap seeing the hotel where I stayed at!!

In France, is it possible that cheap croissant can be this delicious…? It was so shocking!

I can still remember that surprise.

Q3 – Nasir McKnight

Boichi, please never stop creating art. Is there any chance of an artbook with recipes inspired by some of your characters?

Also is there a point when you need to take a break from creating your art?


Ahahaha! Yeah, I will never stop creating manga!

Actually I’m always drawing manga. Drawing everyday and as hard as I can. The goal of my life is to draw as long as I live and die on my working table. Hahaha

I’m already working on a manga tutorial about how to draw sexy characters (sadly it’s about how to draw male characters…!). It’s currently serialized in Japan!

Guess we have some kinda connections each other! When my book is coming out on the market please check it out!

Since last year, I’ve been working on another manga tutorial series. I believe it’s the first time a foreign mangaka makes a manga tutorial book in Japan.

And this book is aimed at everyone who want to be mangaka around the world. It will be the first book in Japan to seriously consider those who want to be mangaka from outside of Japan.

And in here, Boich.com, I’m going to share and talk about my skills in creating manga and experiences in Japanese manga circles. Please come here any time you want to learn something about those. We are planning to share a lot of things with you!

Q4 – Pierre Evina

Hi Boichi-sensei. My dream is to know how to draw sexy characters like you. Each of your works touched me through their drawings but it’s time to share your secrets, ahahah. When you’re drawing characters in a place such as a living room with chairs, how do you proceed from drawing to inking? How do you compose your drawing’s skeletons especially, for female characters under all action angles? Thank you and Happy New Year 2017


Thank you so much for your kind words but you have some misunderstanding about me.

I have no secret. I’m a classy gentleman, the likes that can be found in the 19th century, Victorian time.

I’m a very honest and elegant person. Some people says I love to draw girls’ butts, going as far as worshipping them but it’s not true. They’re just rumors. How could I be… Hello? Hellooo?

When you look at my female characters, I hope you’ll see them dancing.

Dancing is a show of the dancer’s beauty aimed to us, their bodies are creating a magical performance. It shows the beautiful curves and flow of the body as well as how beautiful the human body is.

When you start drawing human characters, you’ll first feel how beautiful the human body really is. You’ll feel the rhythm of body movements and their changes. The problem is I’m limited by my drawing skill. I’ll have to try harder.

When you draw some action poses for manga, you’ll need to collect as many informations as you can. To find the key points of drawing action poses, I think it’d be the movement from the pelvis and the shoulders.

When you start inking, focus on the details. Such as the detailed lines of muscles and wrinkles from clothings.

Same thing for the sitting pose too… focus on the butt… no… I mean.

Not the butt….

Believe in me.

Q5 – Jeremy Tanaka

How did you get started doing manga?


When I was two years old, my father went to work and left his notebook in which he had written very important things, and I drew pictures in that notebook.

Of course my father got very angry, but my mom didn’t.

After that, she gave me many sheets of white paper and a pen for the times I’d be alone at home. My family was very poor when I was kid, so my parents always had to leave for work.

When they were at work, they would leave a lot of paper and a pen for me and I was just drawing all day long.

This is how I started drawing and it continued for 10 years until I started to draw gag-manga with a story. I think I started to dream of becoming a mangaka when I was 10.

Here’s what I think. Taking violin, ballet or language lessons require to have lots of money. Drawing manga, not nearly as much, you just need a sheet of paper and a pen. And time.

It’s much cheaper than a soccer ball. Almost free. You only need the passion of drawing. That’s what’s so great and cool about drawing manga. Everyone can be a manga artist.

Start by drawing on a sheet of newspaper until you become a mangaka working in a Japanese weekly manga magazine. Everyone can do that.

Q6 – Yamka Shinken

How much time in average do you take to draw a really dense action page? It must be crazy!


Well… I am not a mangaka who draws delicate action scenes. I still lack skills for them.

At my limit, I don’t take much time to draw the action scenes.

For a single chapter of actions I spend a day for the idea and when I start to draw the actions and layout, I usually use my action figures.

I have an Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action figure (the character called Dutch in the movie Predator) and a Reika figurine from Gantz. Those are gifts from my good assistant.

I make some pose and layout with them and take a picture with my smartphone most of the time.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Q7 – Alexandre Correia

Did you ever thought someone from Brazil would be here congratulating you for you amazing work? I gotta say, Sun-Ken Rock was the best manga I had the pleasure of reading in the past 5 years. ^_^ And I have more friends who know of your work, you have fans here!

I think what I want to really ask is… did you ever imagine that you would be known around the whole world?


Ah…Thank you so much! Obrigado!

I think my works have yet to be published in Brazil.

I often speak with my editor about Sun-Ken Rock and how it has to be published in Brazil and South America.

It is on my wishlist, but I think fans in Brazil and I have some connections between us…!!

You know, we have same common love. We Love girls’ butts!! No? You don’t? Hey, come on!!

Any way thank you for your support.

I’m not a celebrity. I just love drawing manga and living as a mangaka.

I will draw manga and make great manga with love for everyone as much I can, as long as I breath in this world.

I’ll always love my fans and will never forget them!

Q8 – Christophe Aimé Louis Bleuse

Hello Boichi-sensei!

I love your work and your creative universe, I sometime feels like seeing characters from a story to another. Is it a will to create link between each of these various stories, or an artistic will to put in situation the character’s archetypes dear to you? 🙂


Thank you so much!!! I love you as well. Thank you!

My manga universe began when I was in high-school, I had the idea of a “Science-Fiction Universe”.

It’s a fictional universe about human history and since then I put this idea in every single one of my works. I called this universe, “400 years Military History”. In the future, there is a war lasting for 400 years which oppose the past and the future.

10 years ago, I had an idea about a company called “AEE” with a deep history. This company’s story will be the “the genesis” of the “400 years Military History”. My works <H.E the Hunt for Energy> and <Sun-Ken Rock> are both connected by “AEE”.

All my titles have their own meanings and theme, however for this universe, there is one big topic: “How can mankind survive?”.

The following questions were personally interesting to me, so I picked them.^^

Q9 – Riccardo Ivan Vangone

Hi boss! First of all thank you for all you amazingly inspiring work, I really love it!

About the question, before you went full pro on manga, did you had a side job? I actually worked as a waiter for paying my studies, so I wanted to know your experience. Wishing you all the best for the future, thank you from Italy! 🙂


Hey, Thank you so much, Ivan! I really like you guys too, and I think you are wonderful!

It is great that you are working as a waiter to cover your studies. I have to say I respect your passion.

When I was 20, I debuted and became a mangaka when I was in college. So, I didn’t take any side job. My parents supported me during my time in college, just like many parents in Korea.

But it wasn’t enough. In my case I lived with 80 000 won ($80 USD) per month, and I spent most of the money from lunch, transportation and schoolbooks on the tools to draw manga. So before I became a mangaka, my lunch was always instant noodle.

After that, my funds were still in a difficult situation so I haven’t had rice to eat for a while. But I didn’t take any side works because I wanted to be mangaka so much.

I didn’t have the time to take any side job because I needed to draw my manga as much as I could. I studied my major at school during the day and most of my extra time was spent drawing manga.

Drawing, studying and researching human anatomy every day. I drew 200 pages of manga and five oneshots to submit to publishers.

I was too tight on money so I didn’t even have enough to buy a piece screentone. So I asked to my friends to get some for my birthday present. I finished my 5th one-shot with that same screentone (birthday present).^^

It was my debut work.

Q10 – Sun Ken Rock

Why did you end Sun-Ken Rock like that, Ken was like the hope of the world, he was protecting the good people, his fight shouldn’t have stopped with the White Dragon Clan, he should have be number one morally gangster in the world protecting the good people all over the world against the evil illuminate’s.


Thank you very much.

I also hope that Ken will keep punishing the evils and protect the weaks while following the righteous path. I really mean it.

And Shonen Gahosha wants to continue Sun-Ken Rock as well but every drama and story always have an END. Because running toward the end is what’s a drama about.

And I thought, you know, maybe Ken didn’t think his job as a Gang Boss was the right thing.

If he truly hate evil and try to save the world, then he must end every dark society and only then he would be truly done. That is what Ken is. His story is over but the world he belong to is still continuing.

Ken left the stage but his spirit still remain in this world, and the world will move under his influence (and legacy). So please, keep reading for what’s to happen next.

Q11 – Anika Gottsacker

What was the most shameful moment in your life? (Don’t think of something serious, but funny 😉 ) Please tell me, sensei <3


Oh, my… How can I answer this question… I think I have ten or more shameful moments every day.

So many times I made mistakes and shameful things. It is hard to even chose one but I think I can tell a special one for now.

It was when I was 2nd grade of middle school in Korea. There was a visitor at my school. He was a soldier who deserted from North Korea.

At that time South Korea was also under a dictatorship. Can you believe that?

A person who live in a dictatorship, not a free country, was seeking freedom and liberty so hard he escaped to another dictatorship that was still not a free country. Don’t even speak about freedom and liberty there. What a fun joke.

Anyway, he came to my school and every students in school had to welcome him while waiting in the school playground to hear his speech.

He talked about what are the worst things about North Korea, Kim Ill-Sung and his son Kim Jung-Ill as well as the failure of communism. After that he took some questions from the students and answered back. I raised my hands to try to ask him a question.

I was planning to ask him a very fun and humorous question to make him laugh in front of all the students.

But when I held the mic, a huge echo resonated in my ears. I was speechless and couldn’t say a single word. In front of all students!! Of course I heard them laugh at me.

That is the most shameful moment in my life. I remember it every time I make a mistake.

It was a moment of failure. So I live without big ambition now.

Q12 – Zaki Kaabi

Hey boss, which one do you think is best, western porn or Japanese porn?


Dear friend, don’t think about which one is better or not. Just enjoy and love them all.

Respect the hard works from the directors, the actors and the actresses.

So dear. Thanks their works and enjoy them all, and don’t forget to pay for what you’re watching.

Q13 – Muktar Yusuf

I’m African and I want to become a mangaka in Japan. How would I go about it? Asking from your experience since Boichi-sensei is Korean working in Japan.


I’ve proven myself in my life and I’m a foreigner mangaka in Japan.

So I’m telling you. Yes, you can do it too.

Try hard as you can, and don’t be afraid to fail. Keep trying and continue to challenge more than anybody else.

And to all, we, Boichi.com are going to give you some advices and help you. It may be small things but I promise you we want to help your dream to become a mangaka come true.

We’ll be offering the small things that you want to know and help you ride your dream. I will share with you here the things that I have learned, studied and experienced in Japanese manga circles.

If you have any questions or would like to know about drawing manga, Japanese manga circles, and talk about food!! Please visit here and let us talk about it.

I wish you to help and support you all!! Good luck and love you all!!

We live in different regions, use different languages and cultures, but we have one thing in common. We love manga!

Dreams are not build by other but by yourself. As a foreigner, becoming a mangaka in Japan wasn’t an easy thing.

But it doesn’t ask you the impossible or superhuman strength.

If you believe in yourself and dream to live as a mangaka, the most important thing when you start to put some penline on your manga is to pour some hot feelings coming from your heart on that piece of paper. If that moment is the happiest in your life then you can make your dream come true.

Then your dream will happen. I’m sure about it. My help might be small but I’d like to help you walk forward. Boichi.com will help your dream come true.

Thank you very much to all!

– Boichi

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