Shonen Gahosha’s 70th anniversary party


A 70 years old dream

Shonen Gahosha, one of the Japanese Manga Publisher I’m working with, had their 70th anniversary party on October 16th, 2015.

That night, I had a busy schedule but I still decided to join the celebrations of this company with a long lasting history in the Japanese manga industry.

Shonen Gahosha is my main publisher in Japan and I love them so much. It’s an honor and I was happy to be invited to this 70th anniversary party.

The party was held at the Tokyo Dome Hotel.

Shonen Gahosha was founded 70 years ago at the end of World War 2. The founder had retired from Shueisha and used his retirement pay received from Shueisha to built this publishing company.

The value of money was different back then but they only started with 5 000 yen after the war. There were not much left of the manga market after all. That’s why this company’s story is very heartwarming. It was built on ruins.

The publisher must’ve started with a dream. Without dreams, it’d be impossible to build it!

The moment when everyone was shouting “Manga Banzai!”

I’m very happy to share the atmosphere of a Japanese Manga Publisher with you all.

I was the only foreigner mangaka invited at this party where were gathered Japan’s greatest editors and mangakas.

My heart kept pounding.

It’s so awesome! I’m so happy to have chosen to live with manga. I’m so glad to be working in Japan. It was an unforgettable moment.

Many mangakas were drawing a special shikishi to celebrate Shonen Gahosha’s 70th anniversary.

They were mostly drawing cats…(…)… There are many cats lovers in manga circles.

Of course there were some celebration events.


Some female mangakas draw their cats together.


Okay. I think it’s enough for the party’s report. The true reason I’m here is for the FOOD!!

What kind of food did mangaka eat at this meaningful party?

The meals served by the hotel.

Many various dishes were served.

On such a day you must not hesitate. You should float like a butterfly, pick up the food like a bee! Eat meals as much as you can, like there is no tomorrow. Only think about today.

There are many opportunities to eat instant cup-noodles but not nearly as much to eat a luxurious Hotel’s meals.

Everything looks so delicious.

I really love buffet.

The dishes are like funfairs from a children’s amusement park.

Buffet is my amusement park for my own children (stomach and bowel)

For a guy who grew poor like me, this is the dream amusement park I’ve always been looking for.

So, let’s go my children!!! Time to play!

It’s okay that my manga is ranking lower in the magazine.

But at this moment, I didn’t want to drag behind. I will be the number one mangaka with big stomach.

Cutting the raw ham.

Raw ham (Prosciutto) is one of my favorite foods. I think it is one of the essence of human wisdom.

Unfortunately, the chef had poor cutting skills with Prosciutto.

I believe those cutting Prosciutto must be greatly skilled with knives.

He gave me a single slice.

I’m not complaining about his skills because he only gave me a single slice…

The chefs were frying Tempura and many mangaka lined up for it. It was gone so quickly.

My personal favorite to go with Tempura are Tenkasu. They have crunchy bits of deep fried flour dust. They are good when add on Udon, Soba, Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki so I was very interested.

I hope I can have some to add with my lunch and dinner if I eat some Udon and Soba.

It’s a high quality Tenkasu because they are deep fried in sesame oil.

Tokyo style Tempura must be deep fried in sesame oil.

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I had planned to eat more than anyone else but I didn’t have enough time because of a meeting with my editor.

It was a nice party but I couldn’t stay too long.

Every editors and mangakas, including myself, should be working for manga.

That is our duty and we’re making manga for those who love to read manga.

With dreams, a publisher dream built upon ruins from the war, and it’s a moment celebrated on its 70th anniversary.

I’m so happy to share this moment with you. When I entered the party I felt like a guest, but when I had the meeting with my editor afterward and once back sitting at my working table, then I truly felt that I was a part of Japan’s manga circle. That moment I had an unacknowledged pride.

– Boichi

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