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Here we are again for our new weekly column where I’ll review Dr. Stone‘s new english chapter from Viz’s Shonen Jump simulpub. Hope you’ll like it.

Dr. Stone Z=24: Lightning Speed!!

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 24.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 28.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #39

Dr. Stone Z=24 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #39

Previously in Dr. Stone

Operation Ramen is underway and the first part is a success! The novelty cuisine was a bit hit among the villagers… and more. Indeed, a new character chose this moment to crash the party. Meet Gen Asagiri, magician and self-proclamed mentalist here on a reconnaissance mission for Tsukasa himself!

Senku seems to be handling this wild card pretty well for now, but will he be able to turn Gen over to his cause? The end result of operation Ramen will be decisive. With the help of the now well fed villagers, we enter the Iron Age!

Dr. Stone Z=23: The Smooth Talker

Dr. Stone Z=23: The Smooth Talker

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=24: Lightning Speed!!

Dr. Stone Z=24: Lightning Speed!!

Senku now has a lump of iron in his hands, the starting line to both the panacea and his science kingdom. But will this be enough to convince Gen to side with them and act as a double agent against Tsuakasa?

That one will stay true to his own egoistical needs and the sweet allure of a harem makes him rock hard (ok, maybe not… yet). What could Senku makes out of this iron that could tip the scales in his favor?

Gen’s character is interesting because despite being a master at deception, he’ll always stay true to his desires. And Senku knows it! Without getting caught into Gen’s flows, he drops the bomb: a power station!

This chapter’s science classroom features Senku’s take on a real experiment by a NASA scientist aiming to create a powerful magnet thanks to lightning. It will then power the core of a dynamo and the rest will be (has been?) history!

Blown away by the idea, Gen immediately side with him. Who could blame him? As a modern man lost in this stone world, the promise of the modern world’s sweet confort is stronger than anything! 

My thoughts on these events

This chapter is full of great humour and Boichi’s reaction faces are simply the best! Especially here with Gen’s and Kohaku’s. Boichi’s trademark mix between super deformed and highly detailed art is put to good use with Dr. Stone!

He’s doing a great job at giving life to Inagaki’s script with a savant mix of details, humour and action within each chapters. The sudden apparition of lighting here might’ve been a bit easy but this way we’re immediately blown to the next step with lightning speed.

I love how despite all the requirements needed for a chapter to stay interesting; such as plot, character development, humour, etc… Inagaki is still able to fit a new scientific concept with every new episode. A true tour de force! Still no hint of going back to the rest of the cast though…

What’s more the addition of real scientist experiments allows to understand that despite all his genius, Senku’s knowledge is all of humanity’s and not his own alone. As he announced a few chapters earlier. Of course, some shortcuts in the plot must’ve been taken for those science feats to work every time but they are believable within the story. We’re not asking a peer reviewed result in this shonen after all.

And indeed, a shonen it is. As a true assman, Boichi must feel quite constricted in his “art”. Luckily, Kohaku allows him to drop some tasteful shots here and there :3

I hope you enjoyed this review.
Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this chapter or Dr. Stone as a whole!
Dr. Stone volume 2 comes out with next chapter on September’s 4th and I can’t wait to see what cover it’ll have.

– Weaper

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