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Here we are again for our new weekly column where I’ll review Dr. Stone‘s new english chapter from Viz’s Shonen Jump simulpub. Hope you’ll like it.

Dr. Stone Z=23: The Smooth Talker

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 23.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 206.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #38

Dr. Stone Z=22 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #38

Previously in Dr. Stone

A food oriented chapter introduced by a gorgeous color page. Welcome to Inagaki’s and Boichi’s stone age kitchen!

Senku is looking to get more manpower to kick up his furnace’s temp and his solution to that is literally to use bait. Ramen based bait of course, what’s more normal in this stone age?! Let’s now see if they bite!

Dr. Stone Z=22: Survival Gourmet

Dr. Stone Z=22: Survival Gourmet

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=23: The Smooth Talker

Dr. Stone Z=23: The Smooth Talker

And bite, oh do they have! A good part of the village seems to have come, lead by the enticing scent of this novelty food. The higher ranked ones, ie the Chief, Kohaku and the bodyguards seems to be harder to reach.

But who cares, operation “ramen” is in full effect and works like a charm. But as everything was going smoothly some party pooper makes its apparition. We’re not talking about a villager here but a true unstoned human!

Here comes Gen Asagiri, the smooth talker and newest addition to Dr. Stone‘s cast. A wild card, for now… He’s here on a mission from Tsukasa to find out the truth about Senku’s whereabouts. But here’s the catch, this self-proclaimed mentalist’s only goal is his survival. He won’t hesitate a second to double-cross Tsukasa if he deems Senku to have an higher chance at victory.

An interesting character and true survivalist that will use his wits to control the mass and bet on the winning horse. He’s sure of himself and, as a true wildcard, can bring a great advantage to Senku or ruin it all. How will our genius fare with this new variable brought to the equation? Completely unfased because after all, he’s the king of equations!

But let’s push this aside till next chapter, it’s time for all this little group to pay for their food. Let’s get pumped up for some iron! The revamped iron forge manned with some well fed staff makes wonder and shazam! Iron Obtained!

Screw Bronze, we’re jumping from Stone to Iron in one major 8000 years technological leap. Welcome to the Iron Age!

My thoughts on these events

Seems like these 40-odd villagers weren’t enough for Inagaki-sensei.
This new character’s introduction is great because it breaks the potential redundancy that would soon start to settle if we kept focusing on the village. ie: innovation > gain villagers > innovation > etc…

Plus this Gen Asagiri is quite the interesting wildcard and the perfect excuse to bridge Senku’s adventures with the missing duo of Taiju & Yuzuhira (bet you had forgotten about them, uh). We’ll also be able to learn more about the growth of Tsukasa’s empire. His arrival also brings back the sense of danger that was erased since Tsukasa left the scene a few chapters ago.

And props to Inagaki-sensei’s story planning. Gen Asagiri was first “introduced” over 10 chapters ago. Indeed, we can see him in the cover of a magazine back in chapter 12 and that also explains how Senku knew about him at a glance. Inagaki-sensei seems to have every little details of his story covered and I admire this. Let’s hope he’ll keep the flexibility to make it evolves if needed.

Back to Gen, a new unstoned human we were saying. Did he gets out of the petrification by himself or through Tsukasa’s help? I have a hard time believing that one would keep such an egoistic and potential threat in his “pure empire”. However Gen seems quick enough to gauge Tsukasa’s character and could have hidden his true self. Guess next chapter will bring some light to the rest of the original cast.

Senku seems to be confident as always, maybe a bit full of himself, so let’s hope it won’t come back to bite him in the back…

All in all, quite the interesting chapter. The previous one was a bit too focused around the single act of creating ramen but now we have some great plot development. Boichi-sensei’s art is over the top as always. I especially love how he switches between extreme closeups and wider scenes, between serious situations and humour.

I hope you enjoyed this review.
Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this chapter or Dr. Stone as a whole!

– Weaper

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