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Dr. Stone Z=22: Survival Gourmet

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 22.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 82.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #36-37

Dr. Stone Z=22 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #36-37

Previously in Dr. Stone

Last chapter saw the introduction of Dr. Stone’s best character and newest addition to the Science Kingdom. It’s obviously the sweet Suika!

Aside from that, the group finally harvested enough iron sand to attempt making slag. Sadly, they were faced with their cruel lack of manpower and failed miserably. Unable to take the first step on that Iron road, Senku now needs to recruit new pawns!!

Dr. Stone Z=21: Dawn of Iron

Dr. Stone Z=21: Dawn of Iron

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=22: Survival Gourmet

Dr. Stone Z=22: Survival Gourmet

It’s recruiting time! The Kingdom of Science lacks manpower and needs to win over new allies among the village if they want to complete the panacea.

It’s time to shine for the Great Detective Suika as she goes undercover to unveils the necessary intel to use as bait… hum, leverage? In the meantime, the rest of the team busy themselves with planning, fixing the furnace and harvesting more iron sand.

Night comes and Suika is ready to debrief her findings. The choice is made to win over the settlement by making the world’s most delicious dish (to japanese?).

And it’s time for this week’s Science classroom doubled with a Cuisine lesson! Today we’re using foxtail as base to make Ramen! A yet unseen ground breaking cuisine in this primitive world.

The secret weapon is ready and it’s time to take over the village. No matter the era, Ramen will always be the best!

But will the Chief let this happen? Such innovation could upset village’s monotony and this doesn’t seem be fine with him.

My thoughts on these events

First thing first, this color title page is simply awesome and captures perfectly the current mood. Senku’s hairs seems to be turning grey though, I guess it’s simply because Boichi is using a different color palette.

I wonder how much input Boichi has when establishing a chapter’s draft because this one is 100% a Boichi chapter. If you’ve ever read his others, you know that Food always holds an important place in his stories.

This chapter is full of crazy faces and they never fail to make me laughs. I think I’ll end up making a special folder with them and communicate through their sole use.

Suika’s investigation was another great storytelling gimmick to learn more about the less seen new characters. We’re already getting accustomed to them even though they have yet to really join the story. This will smoothen many things in the future. Props to Inagaki!

Anyways, only two chapters in and Suika proves to be the best character of this manga and I’m only half joking. It’s really incredible how someone with her face hidden can be this expressive and cute. Plus someone with a secret is always more interesting. I wonder what secret hides behind that watermelon face, maybe cracks from being unpetrified? That’s my only lead for now but she’d have reacted to Senku’s, any idea?

This chapter focusing on food confirms for me that the villagers are indeed descendants of pretrified humans. And not many generations back at that. As hunter gatherer, their food culture didn’t proceed past the simple roasting of game without further preparation.

It’s interesting to note that Inagaki made foxtail ramen himself and announced to react in the same way as Senku. Guess it’s really too bland for us modern people used to the abundance of savors brought by civilization. I love the gap expressed in this chapter ^^

I hope you enjoyed this review.
Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this chapter or Dr. Stone as a whole!

The Shonen Jump is on break next week because of Obon festivities which means no new chapter of Dr. Stone till the week after. Stay strong!

– Weaper

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