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Dr. Stone Z=21: Dawn of Iron

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 21.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 126.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #35

Dr. Stone Z=21 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #35

Previously in Dr. Stone

Rumors are rife in the settlement. Who’s this outsider hanging in front of the village? That’s our man Senku of course! Not caring about the gossip, he’s working his way to the villagers hearts one at a time. Along with his newest pals, he’s already busy filling a 2 millions years technological gap to create a panacea.

Currently on the Stone Road, where will his quest for a scientific civilisation revival leads him next?

Dr. Stone Z=20: Stone Road

Dr. Stone Z=20: Stone Road

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=21: Dawn of Iron

Dr. Stone Z=21: Dawn of Iron

Currently stuck in this Stone World, Senku and his merry friends are finally taking the first step to the next level: the Iron Age! “Insert Age of Empire quote here”

While knee deep in their iron harvest through the use of magnets (how do they work, amiright?), a new character makes its appearance. It’s the cutest watermelon ever, the well named Suika!

Some reference to the tale of Momotarou brings to light that Ruri seems to possesses knowledge that someone born in this stone world shouldn’t have. Intriguing indeed.

But let’s push that aside for now, time for technology! With the use of a big ass furnace (appearing out of thin air?) and some bellows, our ever growing team is going to attempt to make iron slag. But for this, they needs to literally pump up the temperature to 1500°C.

Let’s now breach the Dawn or Iron… or not? As knowledgeable as he is, Senku critically needs more manpower!

My thoughts on these events

A humour packed chapter with loads of awesome faces and a couple references to manga such as Attack on Titans or Fist of the North Star. I sure had a few good laughs, especially with the furnace scene.

About that furnace, Inagaki-sensei is taking some liberties to quicken the pace. Senku’s hasn’t been there for a day and it feels like he already did a thousand things from a sorcery battle to harvesting a shitload of iron sand and building this big ass furnace. I guess we sure can’t go into every little details without dragging down the story..

Plus, it’s not really relevant right now but it would’ve been a good opportunity for another “Senku classroom moment” (even if we kind of had it with how to melt iron). Anyways, if you want to know more about building a furnace, take a look at Primitive Technology’s videos. Who knows, maybe he has the answer to Senku’s failure this time?

Once more, I regret the lack of context as to the character’s name in Viz’s edition. Suika literally means “Watermelon” in Japanese. What’s more, she’s one of the rare villager who’s name isn’t based on a chemical element or a mineral so maybe something’s up here. Anyways, she’s just too cute, Suika best girl!

Another good chapter but fully focused on humour this time. Next chapter seems to be headed toward the inside of the village and I really want to finally learn more about it! As usual, can’t wait!

I hope you enjoyed this review.
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– Weaper

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