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Dr. Stone Z=20: Stone Road

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 20.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 160.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #34

Dr. Stone Z=20 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #34

Previously in Dr. Stone

We had a busy chapter 19 with Senku being joined on his usual antics by a new pal, I named the easy going Chrome! While those two goofs were playing with rocks (or maybe sciencing?), Kohaku went to introduce us to some more of the village’s cast. Especially her sister, the sickly Ruri who seems to hold a special status among the village as its Shamaness.

A couple touching moments later we are back to Senku renewing his promise to build a Kingdom of Science. Without a second though, Chrome follows suit with the additional promise of curing Ruri!

Dr. Stone Z=19: Two Million Years of Being

Dr. Stone Z=19: Two Million Years of Being

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=20: Stone Road

Dr. Stone Z=20: Stone Road

We begins this chapter with a wide shot of the village where the news of Senku’s appearance spread like wildfire. Not a surprise considering this closed off community of 40. Lots details in this double page and the first, albeit short, introduction to many of the new characters. Each with their own personality and reaction when faced with gossip.

The rumor reaches the village’s chef who’s none other than Ruri’s and Kohaku’s father. A hulking man far from being enjoyed about his daughter’s acts and her new guest.

Buuut… no time for that. A couple coughs from Ruri and we’re back to the “trio V2” all pumped up to find a cure for her!

Retracing 2 millions years of medecine, this chapter’s classroom time focus on the stone road they have to follow to finally reach the “cure all” for Ruri.

We’re getting many more sciency details, that will surely be relevant later, and finally reach this chapter’s end: Our trio is taking the first step on this stone road, en route for the iron age!

My thoughts on these events

Another heavy chapter. Even with Boichi’s masterful page composition, we’re only a step away from a clusterfuck of informations. The savant mix of wide double pages displaying paysage with text heavy single pages does the trick and gives life to Inagaki’s script.

Special mention to Boichi’s assistants who must indeed be really good. Unlike most weekly shonens, Dr. Stone rarely has any empty backgrounds and the ones we can see here are gorgeous.

The idea of the stone road as well as its execution is awesome and could very well be displayed in science classroom. The idea behind it and its representation makes it a great educative vector.

It’s also interesting to see how even though Senku has an encyclopedic knowledge, he doesn’t know everything. His reaction when finally realising what 3700 years having passed really means is a nice touch to humanise him.

I continue to love how Dr. Stone keeps delivering easy to process science without drifting down the easy road of dumbing it down. Kind of like if Inagaki’s script was set on one strong stone road!

ps: Kohaku is thicc

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