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Dr. Stone Z=18: Sorcery Showdown

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 18.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 210.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #32

Dr. Stone Z=18 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #32

Previously in Dr. Stone

In Dr. Stone chapter 17, Senku and the newly introduced Kohaku got to know each others a bit better know. That last one decided to bring him back to her 40 people strong basecamp. Senku was then able to assess that none of these people were ever petrified, they are instead descendant of such persons.

How will Senku gets to mingle with them despite the camp’s “no outsiders” rule?

Dr. Stone Z=17: Nasty Looks

Dr. Stone Z=17: Nasty Looks

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=18: Sorcery Showdown

Dr. Stone Z=18: Sorcery Showdown

The whole chapter focus on the face off between Senku and Chrome, the newly introduced character and self-identified sorcerer. This one easily sees through Senku’s “bubble-beam” and challenges him in a “sorcery” battle!

His plan is simple, scare off the newcomer through sorcery! Sadly for him, Senku easily see through his party tricks and upstages him in every ways for an overwhelming victory.

However, Chrome’s performance isn’t to be put down, far from it! That one was able, without any outside inputs, to recreate many scientific phenomenons through experimentations alone! Indeed, no matter what era, Scientific Civilization will rises again!

Shiny monkey powaaaa!

My thoughts on these events

The whole chapter focus on one main idea “No matter what we do, science will always advances”. Indeed, it can be slowed down or brought backward, but no matter what we do, the thirst for knowledge that only science can fill will always prevail.

This notion is interesting knowing that Tsukasa’s goal is to prevent scientific advancement to live in a society more pure and devoid of the avidity he considers exclusive to adults of the old world.

Anyways, Senku was able to take the first step in his science nation by acquiring Chrome as a follower and de facto assistant. That one’s in it for many surprises. I can’t wait to see which scientific concepts will be used next. Most of what we’ve seen up till now was fun but classroom experiment level, like this duel between our two science dudes.

I’m not talking about real advanced a modern science, more like the kind that augments you or your way of life. Senku is always depicting himself at a robot’s commands for his futur clash with Tsukasa but without going that far, what will he bring to this new village.

The first thing will be his contribution to the health of Kohaku’s sister. Be it by getting some warm water bath setup or working out her ailments (but is medical knowledge included in his science?). This will most likely be the excuse to some new cast recruitment, which promise to be interesting as each new character we saw seems to have a unique personality. Wait and see.

Art wise, this chapter had some interesting composition and ellipses to wrap the fight quickly. Their title match for one was quite funny and Chrome even got his own crazy reaction face.

Anyways, as usual I can’t wait to see what the next chapter will show us. Give me mooooar

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