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And now, place to the review

Dr. Stone Z=16: Kohaku

Today’s review is on Dr. Stone chapter 16.
To avoid being spoiled, be sure to have read the chapter first. It starts on page 116.

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #30

Dr. Stone Z=16 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #30

Previously in Dr. Stone

As seen in last week’s review, the trio split up on an emotional farewell moments only after Senku’s “resurrection”.

The plan would be for him to take advantage of his “death” to get off the radar and meet up with the third mystery force to create a kingdom of science while Taiju and Yuzuhira would group up with Tsukasa and work from the inside.

Dr. Stone Z=15: Two Kingdoms of the Stone World

Dr. Stone Z=15: Two Kingdoms of the Stone World

The chapter itself

Dr. Stone Z=16: Kohaku

Dr. Stone Z=16: Kohaku

But this whole plan rest on Senku’s capacity to meet with this group and win them as comrades. It’d be checkmate if they were to meet Tsukasa and join him first.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue as the unveiling of one of them directly leads to a clash with Tsukasa!

Let’s welcome Kohaku, a young girl warrior-slash-gymnast from what I can see (those moves can’t be good for your back guuurl). A dual-wielding knives girl, fighting like a furry!

One of the newest revived human in this stone world, or is she? Indeed, she doesn’t seems to have ever been petrified but to instead be the descendant of previously unpetrified people. Perhaps from several generations past.
Which shows through her unusual train of thought and interpretations that we can see in this chapter.

Despite her relentless assaults, Tsukasa put a quick end to this fight and traps Kohaku between a tree and a hard place. Control of the “miracle water” takes priority.

It’s now Senku’s time to shine and untraps our new character thanks to his big… intellect. And it’s with a textbook application of the pulley system that he picks up a new girl. Swoon~ Waifu Get!

My thoughts on these events

Let’s start with this chapter’s main event: Kohaku’s appearance!
From her shadowy figure, I was thinking she’d be more of the mature and composed type but here we are with a cute as hell teenager with blue eyes. “Mixed-race” as the Japanese likes to say.
And she’s thicc!! Ahem, I digress…

Continuing with my previous observation about RPG roles, she’d be the Agility type always quick on her decisions.
The new setting of Kohaku being the child of previously unstoned people is great. I really prefer it to the “MC is so special he’s the first ever to be unstoned”. Plus it gives more opportunities for the story to grows thanks to already existing primitive tribes.

Another interesting point, “Kohaku” means Amber in Japanese. Amber being known as the “Memory stone” maybe it’ll have something to do with the events that took place while Senku and the others were stuck as statues. Like Kohaku being the guardian of some secret of the world being passed down in generations. This could lead us to some hints as to what really happened.

As usual, Dr. Stone takes the opportunity to deliver us some knowledge. Even if basic, the use of pulley to resolve this problem was quite interesting. Some will say a bit far-fetched but well, I think it was the safer way for the 60kg Senku to unstuck Kohaku from under that tree.

To the risk of sounding repetitive, Boichi’s art is as usual gorgeous.
The fights are flowing with energy and shows a great mix of speed vs power.

Plus Kohaku is damn cute. Can’t wait for more!

Next chapter, the 17th one, will have a color page! It’s already the 5th one since the start of Dr. Stone. Another token of its popularity? Let’s hope so!

I hope you enjoyed this review.
Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this chapter or Dr. Stone as a whole!
– Weaper

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