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So here we are, every Monday I’ll review Dr. Stone‘s new english chapter from Viz’s Shonen Jump simulpub.
Enough of the boring talk, let’s get to the matter at hand.

Dr. Stone Z=15: Two Kingdoms of the Stone World

Let’s start with today’s 15th chapter but before that be sure to have read it to avoid being spoiled 😉

Read Viz’s Shonen Jump #29

Dr. Stone Z=15 was originally published in Japanese in 2017’s Shonen Jump #29

Previously in Dr. Stone

Two opposing views to restart civilisation: Senku’s science driven way VS Tsukasa’s pure and innocent humanity.
The latter believes that all adults are corrupts and only the young deserves to be part of this new world, going as far as destroying those deemed corrupts.

In an attempt to oppose Tsukasa, Senku devises a plan backed by science as deterrence against his actions. However, the Ultimate Highschooler reach him before the plan’s completion and takes him out with a snap! Literally.

Taiju and Yuzuhira were able to escape Tsukasa’s might while carrying away Senku’s lifeless body.
As if life flashing by his eyes, we got a touching chara-building flashback where we learn more about Senku’s past and his life in the stone world until Taiju’s awakening. Is it the end for him?

Dr. Stone Z=15: Two Kingdoms of the Stone World

Dr. Stone Z=15: Two Kingdoms of the Stone World

The chapter itself

We’re now back to the present where the muscle-head was able to “solve” Senku’s condition and pretty much brought him back to life.
Simultaneously we learn more about the real nature of the petrification that plagued humanity (and those swallows while at it). Indeed it possess some major healing effects leading to the title drop label of Dr. Stone. Funny enough, this isn’t the first title drop but the previous one designing soap was a fake aimed at Tsukasa.

So now our trio reunited is ready to take advantage of the fact that Tsukasa believes Senku to be dead to act… or not. Indeed, in a twist of event they instead chose to split and send back Taiju and Yuzuhira to join with him to act as spies while Senku meet with the third force to build an opposition driven by science.

My thoughts on these events

As usual Inagaki Riichirou is going full steam ahead with his story and I love it!

The incredible healing factor of the depetrification is a major lead toward uncovering the mystery behind all of this. The details behind its effects are a bit drowned in a scientific mumbo-jumbo of half truth but it goes well with the flow and it’s more than enough for a shonen imo.

I really enjoyed the twist of going back to Tsukasa. His character is interesting, even if a bit simple in his thought process, and it’d be a shame to have him fade as some faraway danger.
However, I’m really doubtful in the unavoidable barbaric civilisation that Senku is depicting. He sure could turn in a warmonger dictator but as easily not. We’ll see where the story leads us on this.

I’m also really pumped up to finally met the new characters that Senku’s supposed to join with. After all, the past 15 chapters have only been focused on 4 characters and it could get redundant quickly.

Plus, they all seems to represent an archetype of RPG: Senku is Int, Taiju is the Def, Yuzuhira is Dext and Tsukasa being Atk.
Will this prove true for the new characters? Vitality, Agility, Magic and more ? The best would be to have someone able to build Senku’s designs. Can’t wait!
Plus I’m a sucker for Boichi’s crazy chara-designs and those shadows sure tease me ^^

Talking about Boichi, as usual his art is god-tier.
He really adapted it well (read toned down) to be more “shonenesque” which fits perfectly to the story even if I’ll always prefer his seinen style (Origin = <3 <3).
From what I see, Senku’s bodytype was also adjusted to fit the scrawny teenager that he’s supposed to be. The early chapters showed him a bit too ripped in my opinion.

And finally, Yuzuhira got her own crazy reaction face so I’m happy.

I hope you enjoyed this review.
Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this chapter or Dr. Stone as a whole!
– Weaper

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