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Today we have Boichi-sensei’s answers to a special Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone!
It’s not one, not two, nor three but FIFTEEN questions that sensei answered, are you ready?!

Ask Boichi – Table of Content

Dr. Stone volume 1 cover artZ=1: Senku cosplay by Sammi Verho
Z=2: Aspiring Mangaka by Karim Di Gennaro
Z=3: Cast’s height and Inspirations by Federico Luciano Rohr
Z=4: Field of study by Alexandra Salinas
Z=5: Edison VS Tesla by Gleribian Glerbien
Z=6: Artist’s input by Florian Strauß
Z=7: Background artists by Luis Quinones III
Z=8: Fav character, Smarts, Korean and Fav dish by Antoinette Lihn Almazan
Z=9: Animation studio by Rohith Sompalli
Z=10: Inspirations and Sources by Jean Fouda
Z=11: Suika and Haircare by Mafuyu Kurosaki
Z=12: Japanese for foreign mangaka by Muktar Yusuf
Z=13: MC? by Victor Hwang
Z=14: Weekly pace by Sandro Desmazon
Z=15: Sound effects by Muktar Yusuf

Ask Boichi – The answers


Z=1: Senku cosplay

I want to cosplay Senku and I was wondering, what kind of material are his clothes made of? (And what’s in those bags he has around his waist?) I want to make this cosplay 10 billion % accurate! And what is his real hair color? I’ve seen him drawn with both blonde and white hair. Sammi Verho

Senku’s clothes are basically made of leather.
In his bag, there are Senku’s personal tools for his scientific works. For now I designed one as a stone axe and the other as a small stone knife.
As for the other two pouches, Inagaki-sensei didn’t reveal what they hold yet.
He is the one who determines the necessary tools to match for the story.

Sometimes Senku wears the leather pouch, its size changes according to Senku’s condition.
When he feels in crisis, it gets bigger.
When he relaxes, it becomes smaller or even disappears.
There are small earthwares in his pouch too, potteries holding various chemicals.
To sum it up, physical tools in his bag and chemical tools in his pouches.

Originally Senku carried his foods in his bag until his friend Taiju woke up from the stone mode. Then he no longer had to carry them around because Taiju was now the one always carrying the food (and heavy stuff).

Senku’s hair color is white, sometime I colored it yellow with a blue hue.
However, you might feel confused about his hair color because I’m not good at coloring. Really sorry about that.

I really look forward to see how you are while cosplaying Senku!! Please upload your pictures of Senku cosplay on so I can see it.


Z=2: Aspiring Mangaka

Hello master Boichi,
I’m a “recent” fan of your work, in particular for Dr. STONE. To me the drawings are so good that the comic pages scream READ ME!! Loud, and I have to read it!

I really like the character design and the clean but strong lines.
Because I want to become a comic artist too, can you give me an advice about something usually artists don’t talk about, how to define an artstyle?

How to choose the artist to copy at the beginning and how to trust the chosen path and work on something more personal.
Also, as artist, how much time was needed to prepare yourself to the world of Dr. STONE? If I remember correctly you needed 8 months for Terraformars?

Also, do you speak Japanese?
Do you think I can submit my work to a Japanese editor with the help of a translator, even if I don’t know the language?

Thank you!
By Karim (Italy). Karim Di Gennaro

So you’re an aspiring manga artist from Italy! How nice to meet you!
Call me when your work is announced in your country or Japan! Dinner is on me!
I’d like to cheer you on and have dinner with you!
If you become a mangaka in Japan and come here, then I’d like to meet you!
Please visit our website and leave some comments if you’d like to ask about drawing manga.
I hope that this site will help you achieve your dream.

I know that many students study by copying their favorite mangaka’s drawings and artstyles but I never followed this path.
I’ve been drawing manga since I was 10 years old and hence, developed my own style.
Of course it was a completely different style from now. Really cartoony.
I believe that your own drawing style grows in the process of applying many drawing exercises as well as various influences while correcting mistakes as you go.
If we say that repetition and study are the ocean, then drawing style will be alike to the birth of life, evolution.
I encourage you to draw a lot.

My personal thought on the secrets of training to be mangaka are “The faster results leads you the bad way while the slower results leads you the best way.”
Of course there are some results that allows you to upgrade your drawing skills over a short period.
These special routines may lead you to become a pro mangaka within 2 years, but they also represent a vicious cycle for your whole life as a pro mangaka.

Do not set hasty deadlines. Don’t hurry.
Study and keep practicing the basis of arts as hard as you can.

Someone asked Hiromu Arakawa-sensei, the creator of <Full Metal Alchemist> and one of the greatest mangaka in Japan, “How did you become a mangaka even though you had so many physical farming duties in your hometown?” (Before Arakawa-sensei became a mangaka, she was working as a farmer at her family farm in Hokkaido.)
She said, “I don’t sleep at all. I draw manga at bedtime after work, hehe” as she mentioned in her title called <Noble Farmer>.
I believe that her answer was perfect for all those who want to be a pro mangaka in Japan.

The preparation period for <Dr. Stone> was only about 2 weeks.
It was pretty short.

Personally I don’t recommend studying Japanese to foreigner artists who want to debut as mangaka in Japan.
If you want to be a mangaka in Japan, I’d like to tell you to study more and focus on manga drawing skills.

When you become a mangaka sometime the schedule means that you’ll have no time to sleep. So you definitely won’t have time to study Japanese!
I recommend that you hire a translator, it’s the best!


Z=3: Cast’s height and Inspirations

How tall are Senku and Tsukasa?
Is a war between Tsukasa and the kingdom of science imminent?
Would you like an animated adaptation of Dr. Stone? Saw the motion comic trailer the other day, it was awesome.
What were your inspirations?

I have so many questions. Federico Luciano Rohr

Oh man, thanks for the good words and such good questions!
But unfortunately I’m unable answer most of them!!!
I know for some of them but there are things I cannot tell you!!
They are classified!!! So sorry!

But I can tell you this. I wasn’t the one who set up Senku’s and Tsukasa’s height as they are.
You know, I don’t write the script, so Inagaki-sensei might make adjustments based on future chapters.
However Senku and Kohaku are both quite tall.
But Taiju is taller then them and Tsukasha is the tallest.

For now I only set it simply like this.

I was mainly inspired by books and films.
When I read books, many ideas comes in my mind.
Films usually lead me to the ideas that I like, “This is what I want to do at some point in my work!!”
Nowadays, I try to draw from my inner self.


Z=4: Field of study

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math… Senku seems to have advanced knowledge of every subject, but what’s his favorite field of study? What’s your favorite? Mine is Ecology. Alexandra Salinas

Sorry! I can’t answer what Senku likes best, but I can hazard a guess about it!!
Please keep in mind that I’m only doing the artwork in <Dr. Stone>.
All concept, characters, stories, and thumbnails drawings are made by Inagaki-sensei.
But from what I feel about the characters when I’m drawing them, Senku seems to like Chemistry.
I think it reflects Inagaki-sensei’s taste.

I liked Physics during my school days.
In high school, my hobby was Physical calculation and my major in college was Physics as well.
But I do like Ecology too. To me, Ecology is a kind of philosophy.


Z=5: Edison VS Tesla

Does Senku has a personal preference for Thomas Edison over Nikola Tesla? Or there is some other reason why he used Edison’s electrical system when he could go for Nikola Tesla? Gleribian Glerbien

Senku likes Thomas Alva Edison alright, but there was no mentions or comments that he likes Nikola Tesla.
But I think he loves every scientists, inventors and engineers from human history.


Z=6: Artist’s input

Do you have any say in the progression of the story? Or is it like a strict thing where you’re “only” the illustrator? Florian Strauß

Inagaki-sensei creates all the ideas, plannings and scripts for <Dr. Stone>.
He sends me some useful data with thumbnail drawings. In Japan we call those “nemu”.
Sometime I bring up some ideas or opinions when we have a meeting, but basically I never touch the story.

However, as the artist of <Dr. Stone>, I do a lot of things such as character designs, imaginations, layout ideas, etc… as I do for all drawing and arts for <Dr. Stone>.
I’m trying to draw my ideas on <Dr. Stone> from the artist’s point view, such as Senku’s hair, facial expressions, hands, clothes, shoes, as well as his ideas and visions in a graphical way. These are my ideas and my point of view in the story.

I try to imagine what happened for 3700 years, and draw trees and moss, the greatness of nature that hasn’t been touched by human beings for thousands of years.

When I draw Kohaku’s village, I imagine and process how her village exist surrounded by the primeval forest, and the greatness of this small civilization that has survived in the Stone world among the abundance of the environment.

When I imagine these things and set put them down in drawings, I send them to my editor and Inagaki-sensei so he can see and reflects them in the story. It’s a great honor.

In my editor’s words, Inagaki-sensei usually makes characters’ personality and story to match my drawing style.

I think Inagaki-sensei is a great storyteller, the author and the creator.
He has a great experience, personality and ability to write his own style when creating manga but he respect his partner’s style and ideas, and put then in his creative world.
It is great honor and I always thanks him.


Z=7: Background artists

Who are your background artists?
And will you post a speedlapse of you doing a page? Luis Quinones III

I have three people helping me for my background works.
In Japan, we used to refer to the person helping in the process of manga creation as “assistants” but nowadays we call them “staffs”.

Two of them came to my studio about three years ago and started helping with my works.
Another one is now the team leader in my studio, a veteran background artist who joined my studio two years ago and already had an extensive experience.


Z=8: Fav character, Smarts, Korean and Fav dish

Who is your favorite character to draw?
Have Taiju ever outsmarted Senku, if so when?
Do you speak Korean language in Japan? Is ramen your favorite dish? Antoinette Lihn Almazan

I enjoy to draw Kohaku the most. No, I’m only happy when I draw Kohaku!!!
Am I happy when drawing male characters…? Are you freaking kidding me? I really don’t want to draw boys.

Kohaku sketch

I only know about the past Taiju that appeared in the released chapters but he has never outsmarted Senku in those.
However when I draw Taiju, I think about what to put in the ideas and concepts behind him.
The intensity of conviction based on pureness and justice can hold the same wisdom of a thousand books.

Of course, in Japan, Korean doesn’t work.
I have many difficulties because I can’t speak Japanese well.
But I don’t think this is such a big problem for me as I seldom go outside.

I like Ramen, but it’s not my favorite food.
In fact, I like Udon and Soba much better than ramen.
Especially Soba, it’s the greatest and most fantastic noodle dish in the world!!
The dish I’ve ever enjoyed the most is called “Dobin mushi”.
It’s a kind of Japanese soup dish with matsutake mushrooms and small fishes.

It’s amazingly delicious!
Dobin mushi own the most delicious season, fall.
This season bears very delicious matsutake mushrooms and fishes.
However this period is really short, I missed it this year because I’ve been so busy so I’ll have to wait till next year.
But I think this wait is also part of the pleasure of Dobin mushi.
If you come to Japan someday in the fall, I recommend you to try it.


Z=9: Animation studio

If you could pick any studio to animate Dr. Stone, which would you choose and why? Rohith Sompalli

Oh, man. This is yet another question I can’t answer!!
But once, I had a meeting with my editor in Shonen Jump and he hoped that <Dr. Stone> is made by his favorite anime studio!
It’s a famous anime production that does bishojo (Pretty girls) and moe (Not ‘Moe’ from the Simpsons!!). But as you already guessed, this is just a joke.
For me, I hope <Dr. Stone> is taken care of by an anime studio that can best depict nature beautifully.


Z=10: Inspirations and Sources

What inspires you to create Dr stone? Its so crazy to draw your sources of talent, I mean, its so surprising to me. Please I’d like a concrete answer if possible

One of your fans wants to learn from you… Jean Fouda

The first image that I imagined when I received and read <Dr. Stone>’s concept and script were just like <Mononoke Hime, Princess Mononoke>.
The first time I heard about the ideas and concept of <Dr. Stone>, I was so delighted. “Wow! Am I going to draw the primeval forest of Japan that has existed for 3700 years??!!! How cool!”
It also reminds me of the great French film called <Quest For Fire, La Guerre du feu, 1981> directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.
I think that it gives inspiration to the way of living with nature.

I don’t have much drawing skills so it’s very difficult to give advice on how to draw well.
But I believe drawing to be a kind of exploration of the world.
And that it’s a kind of song that sings affection and respect for the things in the world.

You must show affection and respect for the things of this world, such as nature, and your drawing skills will grow.

For example, if you are crazy about drawing pretty girls, then be crazy about pretty girls. When you LOVE to draw pretty girls, like “Ahhhh!! Pretty girls!!! Love them!!! I want to draw their butts!!! Oh Man I only can think pretty girls!!!!”. Some may call you, “Man, you’re such a hentai or a pervert.” But if you really want to draw what you love, don’t listen to what people say about you!! Follow your heart and believe in your soul, then you’ll be able to draw what you want!



Z=11: Suika and Haircare

How does Senku make his hair stand up? How old is Suika and will you ever show her face? Are there any other tribes aside from Kohaku’s village? If ever Dr. Stone would be animated, which voice actor would you want to voice Senku and Taiju ? Mafuyu Kurosaki

These are very pleasant and sensible questions.
But for most of them, I can’t answer.
However, Suika’s face was already shown in Jump a few weeks ago. If you missed her face, please check it out!

And how is Senku’s hair maintained? This is the only thing I can think about it:
Many manga characters, including Senku, are using a place called “the Beauty Shop in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber”.
It’s in here that all manga characters are taking a total beauty care, leisurely, without any worry of time.
So not only for their hairstyle, but they can also manage their teeth, skincare, or a refreshing spa bath among other things.
What a cooooool place, isn’t it? ^^


Z=12: Japanese for foreign mangaka

How did Boichi learn to speak and write in Japanese? Muktar Yusuf

When I moved to Japan, I couldn’t speak any Japanese.

Konnichiwa(Good morning), Arigatou gozaimas(Thank you very much)… these were all I could speak in public.
But even then, I chose not to study Japanese and live in Japan without being able to speak it.
Of course when living in Japan, you definitely need to study and speak Japanese. I know that.
But I once asked a question to myself.

“Do Japanese readers want TO MEET a foreigner mangaka who can speak Japanese well, be funny and charming when speaking, or do they want TO READ a manga drawn by a foreigner mangaka who can’t speak Japanese but can draw fun and exciting manga well?”
I believe they’d choose the later one.

You know how Japanese mangaka are very sincere.
They live in the best environment for drawing manga, even though they already are the most talented mangaka in the world.

They have been reading Shonen Jump since young, they started to draw manga and joined manga club since they were teenager.
They publish their own manga, such as doujinshi, and sell them at Komiket, submit their oneshot to various Japanese manga magazines while getting support from pro editors.

After graduation from highschool, editors introduce them to pro mangaka’s studio where they’ll learn how to do manga while working there.
Among them, the most sincere do not even play video games or date with girl or boy friends, they only study and draw manga.

Of course they don’t spend time studying foreign languages.

I first saw Japanese manga at the age of fifteen, and when I started to read Shonen Jump, I was already twenty one years old.
It was too late of a start when compared to Japan’s aspiring mangaka.
So if I decided to spend my precious time learning Japanese, there will be no way to make a better manga competing with those monstrously talented mangaka in Japan.

  • To study basic living Japanese, a year
  • To speak and communicate in Japanese with Japanese manga editors in the meeting, 3 years
  • To write my own story 100% in Japanese, 5 years

If I spent so much times studying Japanese, I’d have that much less time to study and draw my own manga.
With these calculations, I decided to become a foreign mangaka who can’t speak Japanese but a mangaka able to draw a manga that Japanese readers want to read.
This is why I chose not to study Japanese.

But actually I can speak a little Japanese nowadays!!!
I’m working with Japanese staff, so my Japanese speaking skill is slowly getting better.


Z=13: MC?

Senku is the main character or not??? Victor Hwang

Senku is the main character, alright ^^


Z=14: Weekly pace

How do you do to handle the weekly publication pace? Sandro Desmazon

I usually have the deadline twice a week.
One for <Dr. Stone> and one for <Origin>.

It’s a difficult schedule and there were many crisis, but I believe that drawing as hard as I can is the most important thing.

When I was in Korea, the Korean manwha market almost disappeared.
It happened when the press and the government attacked manga as being bad for young children and teens (Youth Protection Act and Censorship in 1997) and readers no longer bought manhwa books (because of rental comicbooks shops and scanlation problem).
At that time I experienced my life collapsing along with my colleagues.

For me who loved Korean manwha, it was like I had lost my motherland.

Now it’s a very happy thing to be working in a great and strong manga market such as the Japanese manga system.
So I try and keep trying to draw again and again.

But every cloud has a silver lining.
Anyway all I do is simply keep drawing manga and when I open my eyes in the morning, I’m here working on two weekly magazines in Japan. XD


Z=15: Sound effects

Boichi-sensei is Korean, did he learn Japanese or does someone translates his manga for him? How did he learn Japanese sound effects? Muktar Yusuf

As I mentioned it earlier, I can’t speak Japanese.
I entrusted this part to the translator but manga sound effects are a part of drawing so I practiced a lot.

Therefore, I can draw the Japanese sound effects.
Sometimes translators and editors tell me, “It’s really funny that you don’t write Japanese but you ‘draw’ Japanese writing pretty well.”

I don’t think I’m good at drawing Japanese sound effects, but I keep practicing.
And I think my Japanese skill isn’t that low.
I can speak and write Japanese at about the level of Koreans who studied Japanese for 20 days.


Thank you very much for all these great questions!
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