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    Hi guys,

    I would like to start a topic about Origin where we can discuss everything related to the manga. From the story and it’s progress to the evolution of the characters and everything else in between.

    Let me know who’s on board.


    I’m always up to talk about Origin. Sadly this forum isn’t that active right now but hopefully the site’s next changes will bring it more life.
    That aside, Origin is growing to become one of my favorite manga. Especially thanks to all the subjects and concepts it uses. Thanks to my work, I often faced with them but the fact that a mangaka does enough research to effectively use them is great.
    One of them being that in the future user interfaces will tend to disappear. It’s pretty basic thinking but most people can’t even fathom it. And here we have Mai, a robotic researcher, that never even used a laptop before (as most people will be as time pass). It’s seamless in the story but add that little something that makes it better than good.


    I’m with you about the little details that add to the greatness of Origin and make the world that is being presented to us more believable as a possible future of our society. I also love that the story deals with the concept of what means to be alive. Not only for our robot protagonist but for other characters aswell.

    Let’s see which future developments are in store for us, but is has been a hell of a ride up to this point. One that I don’t want to end anytime soon lol. I feel this story, characters and setting has a lot to offer for the foreseeable future.

    I’m also intrigued to know about the site next changes.

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