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    Doesn’t seem like the forum is too active, but I might as well try and see if I get a discussion (or on the off chance maybe whatever I say will somehow reach boichi)

    So what relationship did you all have to Boichi and Inagaki going into Dr. Stone?

    personally Boichi was my fave illustrator, and Inagaki one of my fave writers when I first heard of Dr. Stone. I had just finished reading Sun-Ken Rock, which I absolutely loved, and had also just began reading origin. And at the same time I’ve been a big fan of Inagaki’s eyeshield 21 series for years!

    I was honestly really excited when I saw that the two were working together, and I was not disappointed to see Boichi brining the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen in a shonen story, combined with the smart, exciting and nerve-wrecking writing of Inagaki. 🙂

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