J-Pop Artbook

The Art of Boichi – Artbook by J-Pop

A backstage pass to Boichi’s art Today comes out The Art of Boichi, a new original Artbook created by J-Pop! The Art of Boichi is a real behind the scene of Boichi’s...
Goodbye Wallman

[END] Goodbye Wallman

The high-wired saga’s end Wallman will end with its 22nd chapter that will be published in Grand Jump issue 4 on January 21, 2015. It’s in Grand Jump issue 3 that th...

Boichi signing LuccaCG14

Boichi special signing at LuccaCG14

Boichi signs Wallman volume 1 for italian fans Boichi special signing event organized by J-Pop Manga to celebrate the release of Wallman in Italy for Lucca Comics & Games 2014.

Wallman in French by Kazé Manga

Wallman is coming to France! Wallman, Boichi’s latest manga, is finally coming to France for July 2014. It’ll be published by Kazé Manga! To be precise, the first vo...

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