Ask Boichi Dr Stone

Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone

Today we have Boichi-sensei’s answers to a special Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone! It’s not one, not two, nor three but FIFTEEN questions that sensei answered, are you r...

[BoichiDay]’s launch Interview

• What is your goal with Boichi I have several goals with One of these is to provide and share informations about Japanese manga circle with both fans an...

BoichiDay - Boichi answers fans' Questions

[BoichiDay] Boichi answers fans’ questions

BoichiDay Questions & Answers My friends picked 8 out of my fans’ many questions for the BoichiDay but all those questions were still given to me as support. I really wanted...

The master at work Krinein

[Krinein] Boichi, the man who doesn’t like Ken

Boichi interviewed by Krinein at Japan Expo 2015 This interview was first published in french on Krinein’s website on July 31st and collected by Ours256. Another great one for o... Interview

[manga.Tv] Boichi “I don’t like Ken”

Boichi interviewed by at Japan Expo 2015 Video interview curtesy of and captured by the duo Flavien Appavou & Melissa Idbazzi. Don’t forget to activa...
Boichi Japan Expo Journal du Japon

[Journal du Japon] Meeting with the incredible Boichi, a man of passion!

Boichi interviewed by Journal du Japon at Japan Expo 2015 This interview was first published in french on Journal du Japon’s website on July 14th and collected by Paul Ozouf.  E...

150 chapitres de Sun-Ken Rock

Boichi and Sun-Ken Rock, 150 chapters later

150th chapters, Boichi’s take on the milestone Here’s the 3rd and last event that was part of Young King #24 to celebrate Sun-Ken Rock’s 150th chapter along with the Kae-Lyn cos... 3rd anniversary

[Weaper] Boichi answers our questions!

Hi Boichi-sensei, I’ve been a big fan of yours since I read Hotel in 2010. Your manga creations hooked me at first glance and continue to evoke many strong emotions to this day....

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