Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone chapter 15 Weaper review

Weaper’s Reviews: Dr. Stone chapter 15

Introducing Weaper’s weekly review Hi guys and gals, here’s Weaper! Hardcore manga reader and fan of Boichi to the end!! You can find me on twitter with the handle @...
Viz ajoute Dr Stone a son magazine numérique

Dr. Stone joins the english digital Shonen Jump’s lineup

Weekly and in English in Viz’s digital Shonen Jump It’s the first new series announced among the exceptional 6 new simultaneous serializations part of the Jump START...

Dr. Stone Viz english

Dr. Stone in english in Viz’s Shonen Jump

A digital simulpub in english for Dr. Stone? What if Dr. Stone was published weekly in english and simultaneously with Japan. Wouldn’t that be cool?!! Well, this might com...

Read Dr. Stone Shone Jump Plus

[JAP] read Dr. Stone chapter 1

Digital preview of Dr. Stone Read Dr. Stone chapter 1, available for free online preview on the Shonen Jump Plus‘ online reader. If you’re a fan of Boichi, or even s...

Dr. Stone Shonen Jump thumbnail

Dr. Stone cover on the Shonen Jump

Dr. Stone under the spotlights! I received next week’s Shonen Jump magazine, with my cover drawing.^^ Since I received it, I’ve been like “Hey this is my drawi...
Dr.Stone Boichi

[NEW] Dr. Stone – SciFi & Post-Apocalyptic series

Dr. Stone: Without any warning, Earth faces its greatest crisis ever! Dr. Stone is Boichi’s new title in collaboration with author Inagaki Riichirou (Eyeshield 21) in char...

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