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A mangaka’s inspirations

Does Boichi has any recommended anatomy/drawing books? Which artists inspired Boichi as a working professional? Vusisizwe Fred Sineke

Thanks for these good questions.
I used to study with Jack Hamm’s, Joseph Sheppard’s and Loomis Golden’s tutorial artbooks during my high school days.
I love their books and still have them!
And I am very grateful to these authors who taught me so many things about drawing.

But to tell you the truth, I didn’t chose these books because I liked them…
I’ve told you before that in 1989, at the time I decided to study drawing the human body, Korea had a very limited choice of artbooks.
I bought them because they were the only artbooks available in book stores. Hence I had no choice.

I had to buy them because they were the only books that I could use to study human bodies but I believe that I was fortunate to study their books.

I think they are wonderful books to study drawing.

If you ask me who are the artists that influenced me, then the first person to come to my mind is Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
He is one of the best SF author in history!!
Back then, I couldn’t get his works in books but I’ve read about them through reviews articles, newspaper or news.

At the age of 17, I finally found a very old book at the edge of a deep corner of the school library.
It was <2001 A Space Odyssey>.

But there was no way to borrow the book because the library was unused.
So every time I finished my lunch, I would go there and read it.
That is how I meet the creative world of Sir Arthur C. Clarke and for the first time I really felt the true nature of what SF is.

Over a year later, SF novels became popular in Korea and several publishers released his works.
And so, I finally got his SF collections.

I think his book <2001 A Space Odyssey> that I was reading every time at lunch break affected me forever

I will talk about the manga and movies that impacted me more next time.
See you later.

– Boichi

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