Ask Boichi about Food 6 – Kamameshi and Japanese rice dishes

Kamameshi and various Japanese rice dishes you can enjoy in Japan I received an email from a friend living oversea. He plans to visit Japan and told me about the Japanese food h...
Dr Stone Glénat Manga

Dr. Stone in French by Glénat Manga

A wind of science blows in France with Dr. Stone by Glénat Manga After teasing on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, Glénat Manga finally unveiled their new pick: D...

Origin in French by Pika Edition

Origin finally arrives in France thanks to Pika Edition Guess time is over and its finally Pika Editions who will publish Origin in France. This makes the 5th french manga edito...

Boichi support Irma's victims

Boichi express his support to hurricane Irma’s victims

Boichi-sensei always felt loved and welcome from his french readers and fans. Be it for his manga’s receptions or during the time he spent in Paris for the 2015’s Ja...

Ask Boichi Dr Stone

Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone

Today we have Boichi-sensei’s answers to a special Ask Boichi about Dr. Stone! It’s not one, not two, nor three but FIFTEEN questions that sensei answered, are you r...
Origin volume 4 cover JP

[JPN] Origin volume 4

Origin volume 4 is now available in Japanese Published by Kodansha, Origin volume 4 is available in Japan starting today Monday November 6th, 2017. It is 192 pages long for a pr...

Origin Planet Manga

Origin in Italian by Planet Manga

Origin takes its first step out of Japan thanks to Planet Manga Panini Comics announced in Anteprima #314 the publishing of Origin in Planet Manga, their manga collection! Panin...
Gundam in DiverCity

A new Gundam statue in DiverCity in Tokyo

Hello and thanks to everyone for visiting our website 🙂 In August, I went to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and there was a life sized Gundam statue under installation. At that time, the...

Boichi’s Food Adventures

Food, cooking, and cuisine around the world are for me the connection to understand each others.
I believe it’s now time we share and connect to each other by talking about food what we love.

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